Top 10 Non-profit CEO Salaries

Source: Forbes magazine online

1 Milton Little Jr., United Way of Metro Atlanta CEO: $435,962

2 Salvation Army   Top Person: W. Todd Bassett   Top Salary:* $ 175,050

3 Feed the Children  Top Person: Larry Jones   Top Salary:* $ 155,786

4 American Cancer Society  Top Person: John R. Seffrin  Top Salary:* $ 902,009

5  Gifts in Kind International   Top Person: Richard Wong   Top Salary:* $ 192,264

6  AmeriCares   Top Person: Curtis R. Welling   Top Salary:* $ 289,296

7  YMCAs in the United States   Top Person: Kenneth L. Gladish   Top Salary:* $ 347,760

8. American National Red Cross   Top Person: Marsha Evans   Top Salary:* $ 468,599

9  Catholic Charities USA  Top Person: Larry Snyder  Top Salary:* $ 148,995

10   America’s Second Harvest   Top Person: Robert H. Forney   Top Salary:* $ 356,232



4 responses to “Top 10 Non-profit CEO Salaries

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  2. ow they wonder shy fewer people are giving to charities and churches as the vatican is so rich why do they not give all their money to charity

  3. These salaries are absurd! Doesn’t sound lie a non- profit to me! Id rather give my money directly to the poor.

  4. According to its latest 990 tax form, LaPierre made $5,110,985 in annual compensation between Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2015.

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