Are human beings disgusting or not?

Now there is talk with Yemen to try to wipe out the terrorist cells there. How idiotic is that. Probably more innocent civilians will be killed than real terrorists whose number is in the hundreds.


Why can’t people understand that. Why must we turn to bombs and missiles before reason?

I despise politics. I despise patriotism. I despise nations. We need to shut down leaders.

Today Iran is in the news. The government seems to have brainwashed the citizens (the theme continues) who came out and a few held signs to EXECUTE those who oppose the government.

Folks, that could happen in America too. If you don’t think so, well, you are ignorant or unwise.

Think sideways, outside the box. There are solutions. Whether humanity can come up with them, we are in danger of mass nuclear suicide.

Dig a big grave. Put ALL national leaders into it. Cover it up.



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