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Why won’t they buy my great product?

Why won’t they buy my great product?

   I‘ve said it many times before but I’ll  say it again. They won’t buy it because you want them to sell it first.

You recruit so much you forget that your product is good enough to sell.  It’s not all your fault for the recruiting frenzy. In fact, I’ll put most  of the blame on the companies out there who follow that MLM model   at any cost. Usually it is at the cost of longevity in the market for  sales reps.

I think MaryKay and AVON have a good  system. They have a decent product. They go out there on appointments and they  have a lot of parties. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the main thrust of MaryKay and AVON to get more customers? The price does not matter because the people are not buying the product as much as they are buying the sales reps.

It’s YOU people are buying. Sure, the product must be decent but it is your enthusiasm for your product can turn people into buyers.

There is a word I cannot stand. It  sticks out like a very sore thumb to me. It is “autoship“.

See, the companies know that you want to make money. They also know that you are not trained sales people. So what do they do? They make it a requirement to buy product each month or they will shut off the spigot that pays you  money! What kind of business model is that? It is one that is so afraid of  reality that it cannot stand on the value of its products alone.

I’ve sold a lot of insurance in my  previous life. I NEVER had to buy product from the parent company to keep on getting my residual commissions. Many of my friends offline are sales people. NONE   of them required to buy products from the companies they represent.

So, what is it guys? Why do so many of the direct-sales companies make us buy their products in MLM? Are they afraid of reality?

If you really cannot sell your product  without recruiting, well, then I suggest you find another company. It’s no  wonder that over 90% of new reps are gone in a short time. Who can blame them?

I’m not saying we should boycott the companies because they are all we have right now. But I think we need to hold  their feet to the fire and demand solid answers as to why we need to have AUTOSHIP to stay in business.

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Happy holiday to Americans.

July 14th is a National Holiday in France. It’s high time we all start to  think internationally, don’t you think?

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