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My favorite websites

Here are some of my favorite blogs.

1. The Bloggess – Here is a sample:
Summary: Jen, who is obsessed with giant squids and very fearful of them, tells about her daily activities. She is NEVER DULL. If you want to kill a blog be dull. Jen is getting noticed. I’ve seen her interviewed on various web shows and now she’s been invited by Guy Kawasaki to land on an aircraft carrier with a group of famous people. I’m not making this up.

2. Toby Cryns
Ok, Toby is my son and my business partner. If I can’t help my son, who should I help? Wait. What I mean is I have no problem with nepotism. In fact I embrace it. Put that in you smoke and pipe it, Republicans.

3. – ok, it’s not a blog. It is an online magazine stand, quite interesting and powerful, created by Guy Kawasaki, one of my favorite web people.

4. Twitter Search – not to be confused with the main Twitter site. I am a search freak. I love to put together combinations of words that can produce interesting results. For instance, type into Google “Greg is” with the quotes. But use your name to generate a laugh or a tear.

5. Twitter and Facebook – Facebook is still a distant second for me but gaining fast right now.

5. – this is where I get my hard news. Their headline service is great, changing frequently.

6. Yahoo groups – I have a couple of my own groups and some that I frequent too. Good stuff.

greg cryns


Clarence Darrow on the death penalty

Famous attorney Clarence Darrow’s gave 12-hour closing argument to the Leopold – Loeb murder trial. Everyone wanted the death penalty in 1924 for the heinous crime of murduring a young boy just to see if they could do the “perfect crime”. The story is told in the movie “Compulsion” with Orson Wells magnificently playing Darrow.

Here are a few paragraphs from that closing argument:

I sometimes wonder if I am dreaming. If in the first quarter of the twentieth century there has come back into the hearts of men the hate and feeling and the lust for blood which possesses the primitive savage of barbarous lands…

I would say something about the death penalty that, for some mysterious reason, the state wants in this case. Why do they want it? To vindicate the law? Oh, no. The law can be vindicated without killing anyone else. It might shock the fine sensibilities of the state’s counsel that this boy was put into a culvert and left after he was dead, but, Your Honor, I can think of a scene that makes this pale into insignificance. I can think, and only think, Your Honor, of taking two boys, one eighteen and the other nineteen, irresponsible, weak, diseased, penning them in a cell, checking off the days and the hours and the minutes, until they will be taken out and hanged. Wouldn’t it be a glorious day for Chicago? Wouldn’t it be a glorious triumph for the state’s attorney? Wouldn’t it be a great triumph for justice in this land? Wouldn’t it be a glorious illustration of Christianity and kindness and charity?

Your Honor, if these boys hang, you must do it…It must be by your deliberate, cool, premeditated act, without a change to shift responsibility…[Y]ou know that I would have been untrue to my clients if I had not concluded to take this chance before this court, instead of submitting it to a poisoned jury in the city of Chicago. I did it knowing that it would be an unheard of thing for any court…to sentence these boys to death.

Now, I must say a word more and then I will leave this with you where I should have left it long ago. None of us are unmindful of the public; courts are not, and juries are not. We placed our fate in the hands of a trained court, thinking that he would be more mindful and considerate than a jury. I cannot say how people feel. I have stood here for three months as one might stand at the ocean trying to sweep back the tide. I hope the seas are subsiding and the wind is falling, and I believe they are, but I wish to make no false pretenses to this court. The easy thing and the popular thing to do is hang my clients. I know it. Men and women who do not think will applaud. The cruel and the thoughtless will approve. It will be easy today; but in Chicago, and reaching out over the length and breadth of the land, more and more fathers and mothers, the humane, the kind, and the hopeful, who are gaining an understanding and asking questions not only about these poor boys but about their own, these will join in no acclaim at the deaths of my clients.

I know your Honor stands between the future and the past. I know the future is with me, and what I stand for here; not merely for the lives of these two unfortunate lads, but for all boys and for all girls; for all of the young, and as far as possible, for all of the old. I am pleading for life, understanding, charity, kindness, and the infinite mercy that considers all. I am pleading that we overcome cruelty with kindness and hatred with love. I know the future is on my side. Your Honor stands between the past and the future. You may hang these boys; you may hang them by the neck until they are dead. But in doing it you will turn your face toward the past. In doing it you are making it harder for every other boy who in ignorance and darkness must grope his way through the mazes which only childhood knows…I am pleading for a time when hatred and cruelty will not control the hearts of men. When we can learn by judgement and understanding and faith that all life is worth saving, and that mercy is the highest attribute of man. Cl

If I were deeply religious I might say that God is really pissed off by the Republican party.  Every step it takes moves it further from its former leadership role.

I say “good riddance” and “rest in pieces” to the Republican party but I feel the Democratic party will see a similar fate in the future.

We are witnessing the birth of the multi-party system in the US. The US will finally catch up to the European way.Moving to the left (more government) tells me that this is what the country (like an organism) needs to survive. I have this theory that governments, like corporations, have their own life force, if you will, that makes them like humans. After all, countries are made up of lots of human beings.

A government, like a corporation, will gravitate toward whatever it is that seems to make it healthier, an organism with the will to thrive. An organism that has food on the tables and houses to protect it. I think the brain (as part of the body, not separate from) does that for the body as well.

Glenn Beck. Yesterday I listened to about 15 minutes of his TV show. Beck reinforced his belief that the two party system is crumbling. Did you get that?

I was startled by Beck’s new beliefs. He is saying what I’ve been saying for a while now. “People should not fear the government. The government should fear the people.”  I put it differently and would say “The real work begins after the election.” This is a far cry from “You can change it but you need to wait til the next election.”

We look back and say “that’s the way it started out, so beautiful, now it is moving away from that ideal.” Beck is mourning the loss and he is fearful. But he sees the light. I think he knows he cannot rejoin the Republican party. His motives are not pure, for sure.

Wouldn’t you love a real opportunity to have an influence on what Obama does or does not do every day? We need to make Obama respect and, yes, fear us. How do you do that with the one-party system we have in place now?

You still don’t think it is a one-party  system?

Beck is flip-flopping. A few years ago the Republicans made fun of Kerry as a flip-flopper. How silly. It is good to flip-flop. At least it shows you are thinking and not head-bobbing.

You seem to be married to the Constitution and the Bible. Are you? Do you see them both as etched in stone? Both have some sound rules for living yet both are antiquated by the events of today.

Hitler and Stalin loved head-bobbers. They murdered those who were not.

See you next time!


Community Choice Act affects us all

I received this letter from an acquaintance :

I have been in Washington DC this week as a personal assistant to a man who uses a wheelchair. I came to collect a paycheck during a time in my life where paychecks have been scarce. I am leaving with some questions answered about who I am and posed with questions about who I want to be in the future.

It has been a difficult time since Devin’s death and in this physical place, I have discovered a wrenching emotional place, a place I have forgotten and had not connected the dots to. It took a return to DC with people from all over the country in a unified voice of defiance to learn the strengths others see in myself.

But I am still weak. I am too weak to finish sentences when trying to explain to strangers why the Community Choice Act affects so many so profoundly. I am too weak to not cry when thinking Devin could have been saved by a bureaucratic system bent on sentencing people in nursing homes to life without choice, without access, without respect or love or dignity, to a life without life. I am not strong enough in this army of the willing.

I have seen hundreds of people, some in wheelchairs, others with visual or audio impairments and still others with varying ability ranges march in 90 degree plus heat (not including Atlantic humidity) march to the White House only to learn Barack Obama lied about the change he said would come.

We wanted choice in the health care reform legislation currently being written. We wanted the scores of people locked in nursing homes without choice to have the simple civil liberty of choice to live in their own homes. We wanted the administration to know this is not merely a matter of policy but of civil liberties denied to people with disabilities but granted to everyone else.

During his campaign, Obama said he would.

President Obama’s legislative staff heard our demands and flat out said no.

He said NO!!!

I saw nearly a hundred people chain themselves to the White House fence. I heard singing and non-violent protest and children with their parents being shown something many people believe ended in the early 70’s: a sacrifice for the better whole in the name of a civil rights movement for a group by a group without their civil liberties. That was Monday. Tuesday I saw an intersection blocked during rush hour traffic and heard about another blockade in another part of the city. We were outside the Capitol on the House of Representatives side; the others were on the Senate side. I saw people arrested and pushed away. The first person was released ten hours later; the last 14 hours later. No meds, no food but what they had between them.
Wednesday I saw something NO ONE has seen since 1990: people in wheelchairs climbing out and climbing up the Capitol stairs on their hands and knees, others on their bellies the best they could. This defiant action was last seen just before the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed. THAT is how important this Community Choice Act is.

I will share with you why this is important to me: as I hand out flyers, I say “It could happen to you, it could happen to me. Free our brothers and sisters locked in the prisons called nursing homes.” It is simple, powerful and quick. And for the positive reaction I get, I too get a reaction, a realization of how this really does impact me.

Before I left Virginia in 2007, Devin, Connie and I searched desperately for personal assistants to replace me. No one stepped up and it came as no surprise because being a PA doesn’t pay, doesn’t come with benefits and the work can be highly personal and challenging.

Working at nursing homes or institutions provided better wages and benefits and scheduled lunches. The horror stories concerning these nursing homes are more rule than exception. Why it pays less to work in a person’s home than a nursing home is the government support and endorsement of nursing homes. Medicaid is built to protect nursing homes and keep patients (prisoners) in them so staff and administrators (guards and wardens) keep their money and what better way to make even more money?

People in their homes cannot compete or attract the quality employee because candidates would rather work in retail or food service because of how much more lucrative it is. And so, when I left Virginia and Connie left for work and Devin stayed at home because no one wanted to work for him who wouldn’t abuse him or support his desire to live and work and play,

I do hold the state responsible, I do hold nursing homes responsible and so should you. When I told people our brothers and sisters are dying in these places, when I heard others say patients come to nursing homes in an ambulance and leave in a hearse, when I heard survivors describe the conditions they lived in, I knew this wasn’t a line. This came from the heart. So does this next request.

HR 1670. This is the bill number concerning the Community Choice Act. It has been in legislation before and has been re-introduced. This act MUST be included in the health care reform package currently being written. It may be finished in a couple of weeks, so please do this NOW!

Health care reform is worthless if this is not included. The new administration has flatly denied the inclusion of this act, so we need Congress to back this up now and that means we need you to contact your Senators and Representative.

We are all a part of this American Community, right now we do not all have equal Choice or rights and we must Act now. Community Choice Act affects us all. 20% of all Americans live with some kind of disability and if lucky, ALL will age into a disability. Soldiers sacrificing limbs, citizens involved in accidents, everyday lives impacted in an instant: we are all impacted by this and tomorrow, you will not have a choice. This bill passes and you will. This is cheaper since it proven to be less burden on the state and federal governments, policy will be improved and most importantly, civil liberties will be ensured to all citizens of this country.
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How to handle slow, left lane drivers

What I do, when I come up behind these people, is the same thing you do, namely pass them on the right and glare at them. Unfortunately this tactic doesn’t seem to be working. So I’m proposing that we go on to the next logical step: nuclear weapons.

Specifically I’m thinking of atomic land torpedoes, which would be mounted on the front bumpers of cars operated by drivers who have demonstrated that they have the maturity and judgment necessary to handle tactical nuclear weapons in a traffic environment. I would be one of these drivers.

Here’s how I would handle a standard left-lane blockage problem: I would get behind the problem driver and flash my lights. If that failed, I’d honk my horn until the driver looked in his rear-view mirror and saw me making helpful suggestive hand motions indicating that he is in the passing lane, and if he wants to drive at 55, he should do it in a more appropriate place, such as the waiting room of a dental office.

If that failed, I’d sound the warning siren which would go, and I quote, “WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP”. Only if all these measures failed would I proceed to the final step, total vaporization of the car (unless of course it had one of those BABY ON BOARD signs).

Dave Barry

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