Frank gives GM some HELLFIRE

SUV accident

SUV accident

Here is what my friend, Frank, told a right wing Republican about the GM crisis. See, the Republican was saying that the cause of the GM demise was not that their cars only got 14 mpg or so instead of 35 mpg. It was because they had to sell the cars for much more than the Japanese did.

< snip  >

First, I would appreciate it if you would tell me where you get all this info about something that GM had to pay $30 more for?  Do you search for it? Is it mailed to you every day? What?

You seem to be on the cutting edge of information on some subjects. Economics, politics, business, medicine, law, what is best for everyone else. Sorry to report that I am not. The info I get is from TV news shows and Yahoo news.

The rest of my searching is for Internet marketing and social networking related stuff. I am an EXPERT at those. Not that you should automatically take what I say on those subjects a gospel. I’ve found that the so-called “experts” out there are not so smart after all.

Recent examples: Paulson, Colin Powell, the entire Senate, all emails marked “pass this on to a friend” that most often tend to be totally false, all the talking heads on TV and radio, doctors, lawyers, novelists, journalists, priests, my pool boy who must have obtained a MS in economics during the past month..

.”Do you understand what I have said…not agree…understand.”

Toyota has an advantage. Fuck yea! They studied the market that was starving for economy. They filled that need and also seem to have produced a superior product, at least that is the perception. My opinion is that most cars will run for a LONG time if the oil is changed very regularly and the mfg recommendations are followed to the letter. But most Americans do not have the patience for that, do they? But they have the patience to wait in line for concert tickets. Tough tootsies, Americans. Are you starting to get it?

Well, golly cowboy, yes I do understand. Wait, I will check with my Tennessee friends. Yup, they affirm that your statement is a truism. Should I trust them. Should I trust you?  It ain’t fucking brain surgery, Bob.

I was being honest and you chastise me for that. Get off your white horse, please.

You get short with me. Why? Don’t do that. It is unbecoming of you who has so many God given talents. Yes, God given. You did not earn them. You were graced with them. That is so unRepublican of me, isn’t it? The idea that you did not earn your intelligence. What a new concept! You did not earn your white man status either. Isn’t that astounding?

Know what. I do not agree with your assessment. It wasn’t only about the cost. People were looking for mpg when gas prices soared. Do you dispute that?

greg cryns

“I just keep getting more angry every day. Gotta stop that!”


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