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I told my friend not to send me any more articles. So he said I feared TownHall.

My repsonse:

So, I went to your fave haunt. Let’s see what they are headlining right now:

But first, a big popup offering either Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin’s book for free? Ok, excuse me while I throw up.

Onward with vigor…

Oh, what’s this?
Deep Thoughts in Plain White English – I did read a few paragraphs before I barfed.

And this? Whack-A-Mole? How sweet.
Health Care Whack-A-Mole Obama will speak before the National Governors Association, focusing on health care and education. On Thursday, there’s the “bipartisan summit.” So despite the oft-repeated “health care is dead,” the issue seems to have resurrected itself once again. full story

And this?

O’Reilly says: In addition, elected far-left loons are running wild. In San Francisco,
**Bill is such a nice guy

Shall I go on? Do I really need to?

Fucking Republican shills.

You know what? I would make time to read what these assholes have to say if they moved away from the Republican Party for real. But, no, that is beyond the pale, isn’t it? You can keep your Townhall wisdom, thanks.

At least I tried. Afraid? HA-HA



Why believe the “experts” on money issues?

This afternoon I was listening to Money Talk with Bob Brinker. Do you know of him? Anyway, he was talking about a proposal that is being made in Congress, something about the government taking over the IRAs and issuing annuities to retired people. Brinker said he would fight something like that “with all his fiber.”


Ok, I will admit that the proposal sounds totally absurd. Not that it would have any chance of passing,


Did Bob Brinker fight the mortgage idiocy “with all his fiber?”  I think not. He may have mentioned it a few times along the way. He probably did. But “with all his fiber?”  Nope.

So, why oh why should I believe anything he says now about huge White House decisions? Why?

That is what your conservative clowns are saying about the bailouts. Why should I believe them either? Where were they when the shit hit the fan? Believe these people who only want to protect the rich?

I will believe Bob Brinker on the smaller money issues. But, as far as I’m concerned, he can take his clownish predictions and put them where the sun don’t shine.

Is there any reason I should believe Obama, Glenn Beck, the mailman or the man in the moon?

I’d really like to know.


Catholic sex flowchart

Catholic Sex Flowchart (who needs a picture?, just transcription)

–Feeling Randy? Yes: continue. No: Stop! Sin!
–Are you married? Yes: continue. No: Stop! Sin!
–Is this your wife? Yes: continue. No: Stop! Sin!
–Married more than three days? Yes: continue. No: Stop! Sin!
–Is wife menstruating? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is wife pregnant? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is wife nursing a child? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it Lent? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it Advent? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it Whitsun week? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it Easter week? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it [any other] feast day? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it a fast day? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it Sunday? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it Wednesday? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it Friday? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it Saturday? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Is it daylight? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Are you naked? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Are you in church? No: continue. Yes: Stop! Sin!
–Do you want a child? No: Stop! Sin! Yes: GO AHEAD! But be careful: No fondling! No lewd kisses! No oral sex! No strange positions! Only once! Try not to enjoy it! Good luck! And wash afterwards!

Source (picture) :

The Verbally Abusive Man: Can He Change?

My wife and I stopped in at one of our favorite haunts yesterday: our local Public Library.

On the way out my wife picked up a book she ordered from the library system (costs 50 cents to do that). It is called ……  drum roll…..

The Verbally Abusive Man, Can He Change?: A Woman’s Guide to Deciding Whether to Stay or Go

I was shocked. Yes, she had told me that I can be verbally abusive. Not sure what that means, exactly.

I do know I overtalk my wife when we are “discussing” political things and at other times (my mind gets foggy about things I’d rather not remember). I overlooked her admonitions about being verbally abusive until I saw her taking out this library book.

So, I am trying to be good. We now have a running joke (?):

Me: stupid blathering  She: Do I need to get out THE  BOOK?

No thank you, honey. I’ll be good.

So, I think you may want to buy this book if you have a verbally abusive husband. Show it to him. You won’t even have to read it.  Trust me. 😉

The Verbally Abusive Man, Can He Change?: A Woman’s Guide to Deciding Whether to Stay or Go

(I am an affiliate of That is where the link leads to)

Greg (loving CA in the winter)

Life Challenges – “baby-step” your dream

from What Would You Do If You Had No Fear by Diane Conway

Life Challenges

How to “baby-step” your dream: write the goal or dream on a piece of paper.

Start breaking the steps to the goal down into the smallest, most doable increments. If you are more visually inclined, make a dream diagram. Put the goal in a center circle and draw spokes off the main circle. At the end of each spoke will be a smaller circle with the steps you need to do. Keep making spokes and circles until you get to small actins (baby steps) you can star working on now.

For instance, to plan climbing a mountain, the baby steps might be: (a) check out adventure travel compaies, (b) join the Sierra Club and start weekend hikes, and (c) register for a climbing class. The smallest baby step will be simply picking up the phone and calling for information. Remember to enjoy the process because at least half the pleasure is in the planning.

You can buy this book at Amazon. I am an affiliate.

What Would You Do If You Had No Fear? Living Your Dreams While Quakin’ in Your Boots

Homeland Security – Fighting Terrorism since 1492

Original Homeland Security Poster

The popular Original Homeland Security image is now available as a gorgeous poster. It features an old photograph of Chiracahua Apaches – Yanozha; Chappo (Geronimo’s son); Yanozha’s half-brother, Fun; and Geronimo. The photograph was taken by Camillus Sidney Fly in March 1886, during the Canon de los Embudos peace conference in Mexico with General Geroge Crook.

War. What is it good for. Absolutely nothin.

I’ve long felt that a nominee for the Presidency should ideally have some combat experience. It’s not that unreal an expectation with a substantial killing war happening every 15-20 years, give or take.

Barack Obama could have served in The Gulf War. So might have GW Bush for that matter. Instead one ducked serving completelely. The other pretended.

That is an arduous lead-in to tell you about a really neat blog I came across today called “Thoughts of a Soldier-Ethicist“. It is written by a fellow who is a Professional Soldier. You need to check in there:

Greg Cryns