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Trouble with the current health care system

Yes, my foot is doing better. But yet another tale of the American system (health/retail)

I took my scrip to the Walmart pharmacy an hour ago. Handed them the doc’s computer generated scrip (so they can’t blame the handwriting for errors). The lady says, “He didn’t put the quantity in so we have to call him before we fill the scrip.” To make a long story short, I left the store very angry after a few words. I think I said (loudly), “That’s the American health system for you. How much worse could a National care system be?” This was AFTER the lady slapped the scrip on the counter and said “Go somewhere else!”

Then I said, “This is a life or death situation!” Then the head pharmacist came over and said, “That’s putting too much pressure on us!” He was defending the lady whom I think he bangs on a regular basis after hours, or during, your call.

Now, before you start to valiently defend the phramacy people, I told Yvonne what happened. She said, “But he did put the quantity on it, near the bottom. It said Quantity: 4.”

So, I called the pharmacy back and after identifying myself she quickly said “Your prescription is filled!” I said, “That’s good, but do you understand why I was angry now?” She said, “No, I don’t.” I said, “Two of you looked at the prescription and then you told me I had to wait.” She didn’t care about that FACT.

Just for my own good nature, I called Walmart, asked for the CS manager and told him about the incident. He said, “Oh my god!”

So, now I have to go back to Walmart and pick up my prescription for four (4) pills for which I will be charged $4.00. Then I will call back tomorrow and renew it for another four (4) pills and another $4.00 because my podiatrist doc did not really do the math right since he should have order 4 days worth, or 8 pills.

I think I will blog this and find out if there is a Walmart rep on Twitter and bother the crap out of that person. I don’t think Walmart is represented there yet, though.

The public (including me) is seething and getting angrier. Not a good thing to happen for the folks who don’t want NH when the Congress is discussing an overhaul.