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Bankers control Obama?

Bob, do you see how the banks control us? Even without the recent debacle of handing over yet another way to strangle us. Banks include Wall St.  in my book.

If it is all about money, and I think it is, then it matters not who you vote for. Not much anyway. Sure, you can argue that global warming might be better calmed under Obama’s reign, or that the unemployed might get a better break with Obama. But overall, Obama is subservient to the bankers.

I am sure even Bush walked into his Presidency and the first thing he said was “What the fuck?” He knew he was not as powerful as he thought he might be. Or perhaps his father, whose real power is in money, taught him that before little Bush took over. Do you see how continuted warmaking fits the desires of the bankers?

I am sure Obama is saying WTF too. He does what he thinks the Republicans want and not a single one of those shitheads even smiled during the speech. Have you ever seen a meaner bunch of angry white men in your life. If that is who you choose to pal around with, it’s your call. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a horse stall with any of them.

I am beginning to wonder if the whole meltdown thing is a conspiracy. And you know me, I hate conspiracy theories. But please tell me how the banks can now say they don’t need the money and why almost noone has had a mortgage rework the way it was enfivioned?

But why do we waste our time talking about it? Does it make you feel better to do so? What good comes from discussing the banks since you will certainly oppose what I think anyway?

You want to talk about the dull stuff. You fear the collapse of capitalism. That tells me there is something going on in your life that makes you fear it. What is that? I’ll tell you why I fear it. nate is moving to Florida because he can’t find a job that pays more than $10 an hour here. He came off a job where he was earning $70,000 a year ago. Little Katy, who graduated in 2008 and who has her mother’s resourcefulness and persistence, was recently “let go” and is collecting unemployment. She, too, cannot find a job. Her boyfriend, a very intelligent and resourceful fellow, lost his job a couple of years ago as an airplane mechanic. He also cannot find a job. Noah and Chrissie’s incomes have declined significantly in the restaurant field.

And you blame Obama for their job hunting problems? Gimme a break.

I’d rather talk about the book you are reading about Andrew Jackson. His  home life was quite interesting. Especially his relationship with his wife.


Email from my 3 year old grandson

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little noah

I was 14 years old in 1961, a sophmore in high school. At that time I lived in an all white upper class suburb of Chicago called Arlington Heights. I am not sure if I had seen a single black person close up. I do remember the events that led up to the Civil Rights bill. The Freedom Riders were a major ingredient to the eventual passage of the Civil Rights bill a few years later. These folks were on our TV sets often.

Get On the Bus:
The Freedom Riders of 1961


In 1961, the Freedom Riders set out for the Deep South to defy Jim Crow laws and call for change. They were met by hatred and violence — and local police often refused to intervene. But the Riders’ efforts transformed the civil rights movement.

Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice (Pivotal Moments in American History)

Raymond Arsenault is the author of  Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice (Pivotal Moments in American History)

. The book details how volunteers — both black and white — traveled to Mississippi and Alabama to fight segregation in transit systems.

Despite being backed by recent federal rulings that it was unconstitutional to segregate bus riders, the Freedom Riders met with obstinate resistance — as in Birmingham and Montgomery, where white supremacists attacked bus depots themselves.

In Freedom Riders, Arsenault details how the first Freedom Rides developed, from the personal level to the legal maneuvering involved. His narrative touches on elements from the jails of Alabama to the Kennedy White House.

Arsenault is the John Hope Franklin Professor of Southern History and co-director of the Florida Studies Program at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg. His previous writing includes Land of Sunshine,State of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida and Crucible of Liberty: 200 Years of the Bill of Rights, which he edited.

Read an excerpt from Freedom Riders:


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Top 10 Non-profit CEO Salaries

Source: Forbes magazine online

1 Milton Little Jr., United Way of Metro Atlanta CEO: $435,962

2 Salvation Army   Top Person: W. Todd Bassett   Top Salary:* $ 175,050

3 Feed the Children  Top Person: Larry Jones   Top Salary:* $ 155,786

4 American Cancer Society  Top Person: John R. Seffrin  Top Salary:* $ 902,009

5  Gifts in Kind International   Top Person: Richard Wong   Top Salary:* $ 192,264

6  AmeriCares   Top Person: Curtis R. Welling   Top Salary:* $ 289,296

7  YMCAs in the United States   Top Person: Kenneth L. Gladish   Top Salary:* $ 347,760

8. American National Red Cross   Top Person: Marsha Evans   Top Salary:* $ 468,599

9  Catholic Charities USA  Top Person: Larry Snyder  Top Salary:* $ 148,995

10   America’s Second Harvest   Top Person: Robert H. Forney   Top Salary:* $ 356,232