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Nobody has the answers.
Nobody is listening to you.
Nobody is looking out for your interests.
Nobody will lower your taxes.
Nobody will fix the education system.
Nobody knows what he is doing in Washington.
Nobody will make us energy independent.
Nobody will cut government waste.
Nobody will clean up the environment.
Nobody will protect us against terrorist threats.
Nobody will tell the truth.
Nobody will avoid conflicts of interest.
Nobody will restore ethical behavior to the White House.
Nobody will get us out of Afghanistan.
Nobody understands farm subsidies.
Nobody will spend your tax dollars wisely.
Nobody feels your pain.
Nobody wants to give peace a chance.
Nobody predicted the Iraq War would be a disaster.
Nobody expected the levees to fail.
Nobody warned that the housing bubble would collapse.
Nobody will reform Wall Street.
Nobody will stand up for what’s right.
Nobody will be your voice.
Nobody will tell you what the others won’t.
Nobody has a handle on this.

Nobody, but you, that is.

Never forget, a small group of people can change the

No one else ever has.


Notes from F.

Foreign affairs commision confirms Turkish Massacre of Armenians was genocide. Turks are furious , Obama had hoped to tell comittee not to make that decision because the U.S. needs Turkey to complete beating Palestinians into submission and making thus another crime against humanity a major achievement of U.S. leadership.

Interestingly  sometimes little notes reveal a lot. A Dutch historian wrote a book about Prince Bernhard , who got married in the 1930’s  to the then Dutch Queen Juliana.
The Dutch had to digest that he had been a member of the NSDAP, the Nazi party.  And not as Pope Ratzinger ,who had like all German youngsters been a member of the Hitler Youth, but Bernhard had been already in college a member of the Nazi Student group. All through his subesequent Dutch life he had trivialised this succesfully.
What was interesting in the article was that while as commander of the Dutch forces in exile in England, he had been informed in1943, that as a schdeduled task of the Honourable allied forces, the bombing of civilian areas in Wuppertal was planned. He immediately requested that a certain area of Wuppertal should not be bombed because a close friend of his , the musician Theodore Ziegler lived there.
When the bombing started a bomb was dropped 1 Kilometer from Zieglers house, and he, Bernhard, was advised immediately, and the allied command confirmed that that was accidental,because of an inexperienced pilot. It would not happen again. This carpet bombing started in 1941 and did not stop until the last day of war in May 1945.
This confirms the willful and planned killing of German civilians by the Allies and also that contacts between Germans and Britain  were possible almost immediatelyright in the middle of the war.
Try to read the Health care plan of   Obama’s new adversary:Republican representative Paul Ryan in CNN Money .com Mar. 4, 2010 and also
Medicare backlash: A primary care doctor lays out his costs-Mar.4,2010