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I will not vote for any Democrats or Republicans forever.

My Mantra: vote for anyone EXCEPT a Democrat or Republican. It will make you feel good about yourself.

I remember Bobby Kennedy’s son saying in 2004 on a panel discussion, “The real work comes AFTER the election.” He is spot on.

It matters not who you vote for, in the long run (long being only about 10 years maybe) because you are voting for whoever pulls the pursestrings and that is….. ta da, the corporations, the banks, the insurance companies.

Dani, I am sorry to tell you that neither Hillary or Edwards or OBama has a snowball’s chance in hell to get real national healthcare into place. I think we will get an OBama or Ahnold type of hybrid where the insurance companies handle things like they do now. It will be nothing like Canadian healthcare
though. The rich will get the benefits, the people will suffer as usual.

They are like the puppets of The Godfather. See how they all folded on the Iraq issue? Like puppets except Kucinich and the fellow from Wisconsin.

What good would it do ANYONE if Hillary or OBama were elected. Oh, you might say that one of them could turn around Bush’s abysmal record in foreign relations. At least you know where Bush stands. Where does Hillary stand or Obama?  Really, who are they other than part of the establishment?

Let’s say by some stroke of God’s finger Kucinich were to win. First of all he cannot win as a Democrat. Know why? Because the power Dems won’t let him win. That would be like allowing the Green party candidate to win.

How many people can we name in that picture? ONE? Does that say anything about ourselves?

Speaking of the Green
, get a load of this. Here are their 10 Key Values:

Grassroots Democracy

Social Justice

Ecological Wisdom



Community-based Economics




Future Focus

Neither Dems nor Reps can come out and say what they really want to say because they will be torn to shreds by both the Parties and the blindfolded and brainwashed American citizenry.

Here is the Green Party website. How can you NOT support something like this? How can you support the Democrats after reading this?

Bruce thinks the Democrats are pro-thepeople. I think the Democrats are pro-Democrats and pro-keepingtheirgrimyjobs (hey, that might be a good domain name: ) The Democrats won’t really change anything because it costs $100 million to win the election, right? How can they afford not to take Big Pharma money.

By the way, did Hillary accept any Big Pharma money? OBama? Wait, I don’t know either but I will Google it for you.

Well, golly gee, if this is correct, do you see a problem?

“These are the figures as compiled by OpenSecrets. Hillary Clinton received $269,436 from the pharma/healthcare sector, while Barak Obama garnered $261,784. Right behind was Mitt Romney, with $260,535 (please click on the chart to make
it bigger). One caveat: this is as of Oct. 29.

As an aside, it’s interesting to contrast the contributions with the rhetoric. Last week, Clinton said: “I’ve taken on the drug companies. I’ve taken on the health insurance companies. I’ve taken on the oil companies, and I intend to keep doing it.” Perhaps, she meant take them on until they contribute still

Well, you say, they all must take the dirty money to get the grimy job. The assumption with saying that is that Hillary will turn her back on Big Pharma once she is in office. Are you a gambler? How much would you bet she will do that?

So, gimme a break. How much better is Hillary than, say, McCain? In fact, I’m beginning to like him better except that he is now screaming “CHANGE” just like Hillary and OBama and Mitt Romney and Edwards. Anybody else worth mentioning that may win and whom you may vote for because he or she might win?

Vote for a 3rd party candidate so you can tell people that you did that and so the winners of the grimy election will begin to know that we no longer love the OLD SCHOOL way of doing things and we ain’t gonna take it any more, you Masters of War.

Stand up and be counted. You can’t do that if you vote for a major party candidate. Your vote gets lost in the grime.

By the way, I have an ex political junkie son, Toby.  Listen to his podcast of today. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. 



Follow that dream

I advise that you follow your dream. I am 60 years old so I’ve been around the block a bit.

My father in law was offered a contract with the Chicago White Sox in their farm system. He was recently married so he took a job as a butcher’s apprentice because the pay was better.

Many years later I asked him what he would do if he could do it over again. Keep in mind that he owned two local grocery stores by that time and made a very comfortable income.

“I would probably take the White Sox offer,” he said.

Two of my sons had a dream of becoming famous as a rock band.. For most people, it is difficult to make a living playing music, of course. My oldest son is now doing very well in LA putting together programs for radio stations. My second son set up a studio in his home and now records bands there.

Then there are people like me. I did not have a powerful dream but I enjoy my life immensely.

Last Sunday my wife dragged me to a new  Church closer to home. Miracle of miracles. I thought the preacher is spot on with his sermon.

I never thought much of this, but the preachers said it was wrong to think of Bible superstars like Abraham and David as “holy.” If you read the Bible you will see they were downright scoundrels.

We might even go back to that Church next Sunday. I love preachers who wake up the crowd. Jesus is a liberal, you know.