Monthly Archives: March 2009

Accept change, even if you don’t embrace it

Global warming. Your mindset says that global warming is a hoax.

So, what is to discuss? You better be right! I may tend to agree with your conclusion but I’m not willing to risk being wrong.

If you feel comfortable telling your grandkids not to worry about it, then all is good, for you at least. Maybe not for your grandkids.

I bet you didn’t think there would be another Depression in our lifetime. Neither did I.

You are looking for scientific answers in a world where some scientific things never existed before. Thus, your conclusion could easily erroneous. Never in history has the carbon footprint been like today. I think that is partly due to your fear of change.

You want to keep gasoline cars. I would like to see trolley cars make a comeback in the big cities. And they might, or something like them.

Are you obsessed with keeping the world before 2000 the way it was? If so, I think you are going to make your sunset years very uncomfortable. Personally, I am getting ready intellectually and emotionally for some very strange things to happen. Did you know that gasoline will probably go over $4 a gallon soon? How about $8 soon? Does that shake you up? You probably know that already.

If Obama shakes up your world now, wait til $8 gas comes along.

Remember the Yellow Menace? It’s here! All of our dark dreams are coming true. Yet you diss me when I talk about the possibility of nuclear termination. That will never happen, right? The horror is that we would probably just not wake up one morning, not 3 million people in Chicago, anyway.