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Have you had enough of both the Democrats AND the Republicans?

Isn’t it time we tell them both to take a hike? Do we really have a ONE Party system anyway? Follow the money, folks.

The latest BS about whether Florida and Michigan totally disrespects the voters.

The bigwigs with the cigars made the rule about not entering the primaries early. That was the first mistake. See, they never figured on the possibility that the race would be so tight.

It was the Florida and Michigan DEM bigwigs who decided to get in early, I assume. What were they thinking? Did they not foresee the possible huge problem? NO, they either didn’t see it or, more likelythey didn’t care. Remember, these are the same slimebags who will do anything to keep the Libertarian Party from gettting on the ballot. They challenge the Libertarian petitions all the time. Did you know the bar is way higher for the 3rd parites to get on the ballot? WHY? Because these are slimeballs we are dealing with.

The authority figures dropped the ball once again. The rule should never have been made. That was the first way they disrespected the voters in those states. They should at least have waved the DEM voters off, taken out big ads that their votes may be worthless, that their visit to the poll was a could be waste of their time.

Did they do that? I don’t think so. More disrespect.

Bog, the election is NOT about the Parites. It is way too sacred to be left in the hands of the Parties.

It must be about the voters. Do the bigwigs care if the voters have to go TWICE to the polls. NO.

What should they do now? Stick their cigars where the sun don’t shine so the electorate can thumb your noses at them. Why cares what THEY do. These wolves in lambs clothing.

Let it go to the convention for the superdelegates to decide. That is the RULE, right? Follow the fucking ugly stupid rules. Isn’t that what the Republicans teach us?

Isn’t that what the Ten Commandments and the Constitution are all about? Follew the rules and you will be SAVED. You may get drawn and quartered, but you will be saved.

You want Hillary to win, don’t you? It is very apparent. That is what Rush Limbo wants. He figures she would be easier to beat in the fall.

He is correct. An Obama win will swam the Rep efforts.

Kerry made the right analysis in my opinion. Hillary is taking all of the state THAT WILL VOTE DOMOCRAT ANYWAY. Obama took states that NEVER VOTED DEM IN THE PAST. The Dem Party needs Obama. Hillary is for a revote. Reopening the voting is to her advantage. I don’t think that Obama was  on the ballot earlier.

Obama played by the rules. Now he might get screwed by the rules. Bad stuff for the electorate.

Having said that, I do not think the Dem powers-that-be (whoever they may be, maybe the bankers?) willo not allow the Super delegates to control who gets nominated. They may want to but they will be prevented. How that is done I don’t know. But I know they can make it happen because they also know that the Dem Party could crack if it is allowed to happen.

They entire sick political system needs a wake up call. It is sick and you know it. You think you can put a finger in the dam to stop it? You need to let THEM know you’ve had it up to HERE and you won’t take it any more.

greg cryns


Behind the veil of military recruitment

This morning I found a clipping from today’s news paper on my desk.

It was from my dear wife. Written on the clipping is “FYI – check this

I did and I must tell you it was one of my best decisions ever.

I Googled the short article. Here it is:

From The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Paso Robles

A forum on the war in Iraq is set for today at Paso Robles High School. The event will include perspectives for and against the war and will feature a variety of speakers and filmmakers.The program will begin at 8 a. m. and start anew every 90 minutes during theschool day in Bearcat Hall.

Filmmakers Peter Dudar and Sally Marr will show a short version of their film,”Arlington West,” which includes inter-view with soldiers on theirway to and from Iraq.

A panel of U. S. Army and Marine representatives will be on hand, as well as amember of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Here is a clip about Arlington West (I don’t think it is in themovie):

Go to this site to buy this important video. You won’t regret it.

(Picture) Filmmaker Sally talks with recruiter Sgt. Guzman

A Recruiter was asked about the college tuition lure: “If someone told you this would pay your way through college with the GI Bill, you would be lucky if it did.”

He said there are conditions attached to the GI Bill, like you better not commit adultery. That is a Marine rule (not sure about the Army). Adultery could get you a court martial. Isn’t that amazing? Apparently it is ok, though, for soldiers to rape female soldiers like Suzanne Swift. I think the army generals read too much Old Testament.

(Picture) Augustine, an ex-Marine medic is currently fighting a legal battle to declare himself a “Conscientious Objector” (middle) chats with teachers..

A Recruiter was asked if he would go back. He said he re-upped and was called when his wife was 9 months pregnant. That tells me he loves his Country more than he loves his wife. Gee, could he be brainwashed?

Erika served 4.5 years, 2 of those in Iraq. She said she would like to go back to Iraq as a citizen because less than 1/2 percent of Americans have ever been in Iraq. That makes me wonder. If the US attacked a country where many US citizens had visited, would the people allow a megalomaniac president to start a war against that country? Just asking.

A former soldier on the panel said he was told by his superiors when he got to Iraq “If anything moves, you fire at it. ” and “always finish the job.(of killin)” Of course, you think he is lying. That could not possibly happen.

All of the ex-soldiers said that seeing children blown to bits is not a rare thing. Erika said that many Iraqi people work on the army base in Baghdad. She called the base HUGE. But she was told by one o0f the an Iraqi heavy equipment operator on the base is happy to work there because getting a job outside the base is extremely difficult. Hmmmm, it’s beginning to sound like America but the point, of course, is that the American presence has not done too much to improve their lives other than allowing some women take off their burghas. Whoop-de-dooo!

Filmmaker Peter peeks out from his kneeling position during the meeting.

Ethnicity in the Army: Army Times magazine said Hispanic recruits are increasing, Afro-American recruits are decreasing. Interesting? Any ideas why?

Recruiter Sgt Guzman said, “Recruiting is like counseling.”: He said he tells a lot the young people who want to sign up that they are not cut out for joining. I asked him what percentage he turned away. He said “2 out of 7”. (smile) He also said the Army’s quota for him is 3 per month signed on. I don’t know. does that seem low to you for about 1/4 of the state of California?

I was happy to hear the recruiters talk. I do empathize with them even though their brainwashing is so evident. They obviously are our Gladiators and that is ok. If you know all of the facts about signing up for the military, facts like you may die in combat, then I am ok with your decision. I feel sorry for your decision and I think you are probably too young to make such a decision because if you were a few years older I can guarantee the likelihood of signing up would be about ZERO. Doesn’t that make you wonder if you should be risking your l life for people who will not risk their life for you?

Just don’t fib to the recruits, please.