– loony Republican shills

I told my friend not to send me any more articles. So he said I feared TownHall.

My repsonse:

So, I went to your fave haunt. Let’s see what they are headlining right now:

But first, a big popup offering either Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin’s book for free? Ok, excuse me while I throw up.

Onward with vigor…

Oh, what’s this?
Deep Thoughts in Plain White English – I did read a few paragraphs before I barfed.

And this? Whack-A-Mole? How sweet.
Health Care Whack-A-Mole Obama will speak before the National Governors Association, focusing on health care and education. On Thursday, there’s the “bipartisan summit.” So despite the oft-repeated “health care is dead,” the issue seems to have resurrected itself once again. full story

And this?

O’Reilly says: In addition, elected far-left loons are running wild. In San Francisco,
**Bill is such a nice guy

Shall I go on? Do I really need to?

Fucking Republican shills.

You know what? I would make time to read what these assholes have to say if they moved away from the Republican Party for real. But, no, that is beyond the pale, isn’t it? You can keep your Townhall wisdom, thanks.

At least I tried. Afraid? HA-HA



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