Why believe the “experts” on money issues?

This afternoon I was listening to Money Talk with Bob Brinker. Do you know of him? Anyway, he was talking about a proposal that is being made in Congress, something about the government taking over the IRAs and issuing annuities to retired people. Brinker said he would fight something like that “with all his fiber.”


Ok, I will admit that the proposal sounds totally absurd. Not that it would have any chance of passing,


Did Bob Brinker fight the mortgage idiocy “with all his fiber?”  I think not. He may have mentioned it a few times along the way. He probably did. But “with all his fiber?”  Nope.

So, why oh why should I believe anything he says now about huge White House decisions? Why?

That is what your conservative clowns are saying about the bailouts. Why should I believe them either? Where were they when the shit hit the fan? Believe these people who only want to protect the rich?

I will believe Bob Brinker on the smaller money issues. But, as far as I’m concerned, he can take his clownish predictions and put them where the sun don’t shine.

Is there any reason I should believe Obama, Glenn Beck, the mailman or the man in the moon?

I’d really like to know.



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