Life Challenges – “baby-step” your dream

from What Would You Do If You Had No Fear by Diane Conway

Life Challenges

How to “baby-step” your dream: write the goal or dream on a piece of paper.

Start breaking the steps to the goal down into the smallest, most doable increments. If you are more visually inclined, make a dream diagram. Put the goal in a center circle and draw spokes off the main circle. At the end of each spoke will be a smaller circle with the steps you need to do. Keep making spokes and circles until you get to small actins (baby steps) you can star working on now.

For instance, to plan climbing a mountain, the baby steps might be: (a) check out adventure travel compaies, (b) join the Sierra Club and start weekend hikes, and (c) register for a climbing class. The smallest baby step will be simply picking up the phone and calling for information. Remember to enjoy the process because at least half the pleasure is in the planning.

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What Would You Do If You Had No Fear? Living Your Dreams While Quakin’ in Your Boots


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