How to put the brakes on sexual discrimination

Is someone pissing you off at work? Do you feel that you are being sexually discriminated against?

Here is how Judy (not her real name) ended the problem. Judy works in a psyche hospital for prisoners. As a prison nurse, she was told to monitor specific inmates by herself without no guard present.

For sexual discrimination to be determined illegal  (and to have action taken) simply needs someone who oversteps the law. The disciminator is allowed one freebie. This necessitates the victim to bring the problem to the  perpetrator.

Judy tried to convince her supervisor (a male) that she should have someone with her under those circumstance. He continued to assign her make assessments on her own. When she complained that such activity compromised her safety, she followed sound legal procedure.

1. she told her supervisor who repeatedly assigned her to this job that she was going to file a written complaint.

2. she filed a written complaint

Judy was never again asked to do nursing assessments alone.

Case closed.

(note: the author is not a lawyer. Please comment any legal discrepancies)


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