Camping checklist: then and now

These days your list of things to pack for a camping trip are somewhat different than those of 100 years ago.

A checklist today would usually include:

Bedding – Tent, sleeping bag, tarp, sheets and blankets, pillows, air mattress or sleeping pad

Tools:  Axe, hammer, air pump, repair kit for air mattress, dust pan and brush, utility bags for storage

Cooking – stove with propane fuel, large water jug, dish soap, utensils (spatula, knives, forks, spoons), matches or lighter, charcoal, firewood or propane stove, can opener, heavy duty aluminum foil, dish pan, cooking oil, seasonings, sugar and condiments, paper towels

Personal items – washcloth, shampoo, razor for shaving, toilet paper, tooth brush/tooth paste, rain gear, medications

Miscellaneous – flashlight, batteries, lantern with fuel and mantles, pocket knife, compass, bug repellant, candles, electrical tape, cell phone and charger, small shovel, radio, camp chairs, travel alarm clock, first aid kit, hand wipes.  

By contrast, here is a list of things from “How To Camp Out”, a book written in 1877 by John M. Gould.

Flour (prepared), Axle-grease, Bacon, Barometer (pocket), Half-barrel, Pickles, Bean-pot, Halter, Pins, Beans (in bag), Beef (dried), Hard-bread, Postage stamps, Beeswax, Harness (examine !), Postal cards, Bible, Hatchet, Rope, Blacking and brush Haversack, Rubber blanket, Ink (portable bottle), Boxes, boots, Bread for lunch, Sail-needle, Brogans (oiled), Lemons, Broom Liniment, Butter-dish and cover, Lunch for day or two, pork, Canned goods, Maps, Salve, Chalk, Matches and safe, Saw, Cheese  Marline, Shingles (for plates), Clothes-brush, Meal (in bag), Shirts, Cod-line, Shoes and strings, Coffee and pot, Medicines, Slippers, Comb, Milk-can, Compass, Molasses, Song-book, Condensed milk, Money (** change”). Spade, Monkey-wrench, Currycomb, Mosquito-bar, Dates, Mustard and pot, Dippers, Nails, Neat’s-foot oil, Night-shirt, Drawers, Oatmeal, Dried fruits,

Oil-can, Dutch oven, Opera-glass, Figs, Padlock and key, Vinegar, Firkin, Pails, Watch and key.

I wonder what they did with the “padlock and key” the “Sail-needle” and the “Oil-can.” I don’t even know what these things are: halter, Brogans, Shingles, Cod-line (must be a fishing line?), Drawers (underwear?), Firkin. Finally, he listed “lunch for a day or two.” Understanding that fast food joints were not invented, I wonder what other food he packed and how much space did he need for everything all together.

How did they get to the camping area? Horseback? So many historical questions.

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