In a Christian way….

“in a Christian way.”

Pray tell. How do Christians act? Do they invade countries and kill civilians by the thousands and drop atomic bombs on civilians as well? Is that part of their modus operandi? Do they arrange for unliked leaders to be taken out? Do they scorn one of the few truly good presidents, Jimmy Carter, while adoring other Presidents who celebrate overwhelming small countries? Do they claim to believe in God and Jesus and Heavan but rush to Church the weekend after 911 because they are so terrified? Do they really believe anything they talk about?

How do these good Christians really act?



2 responses to “In a Christian way….

  1. Jimmy Carter one of the few truly good presidents!? Wow, you really are about as sharp as a bowling ball and just as dense.

  2. Andy,

    and you are as dull as a rubber knife.

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