Honduras, who is that?

Nice try, Bob. But you don’t give me what I need in your sales pitch. You don’t tell me how we can help the poor people and still keep America “great”.

For example, your side is all wound up about Honduras. It’s like every little distraction going on in the globe gets a lot of their attention and wears them out. Your guys want to be the planet’s king. Too bad the genie got out of the bottle making that impossible.

Maybe you could have named the leader of Honduras a month ago (could you?). Can you name each leader of each of the Central American countries right now? This Zelaya guy, who the hell cared about him a couple of months ago? Don’t you think the people of Honduras know better how to run their own country?

While you are worried about Honduras, did you also have your eyes on Russia and on all of the troublesome countries of the ME not to mention that guy in N. Korea who is crowing like a rooster much to the Conservative dismay. Your buddies want Obama to act like Reagan. Well, fuck Reagan. He died a long time ago. He got lucky, in fact, but the deflated Russian economy. “Mr. Gorbachev, take down that wall!” For chrissakes. What if the other guy said to get the fuck out of Germany? Did I hear correctly? The pact with Russia would reduce the missiles to 6,700? Holy shit.

Me and a lot of others are incredibly tired of the conservatives acting like warlords. That day is gone. Don’t you see it? And why can’t you see that the system of capitalism needs reform?

So, to lecture me about the goodness of wealthy people and how the only path to salvation is to cut taxes for the rich is absurd. Been there, done that. The reason you can’t feel the real angst out there is because you hang out with rich people. They never feel it.

Did I tell you my brother in law, Joel Martino, had a nervous breakdown? He probably gave his money to Maddoff. Cut the wealth of the super rich by 90% and they would still have enough money to live like kings. Don’t praise them, Bob. Pity them.



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