My favorite websites

Here are some of my favorite blogs.

1. The Bloggess – Here is a sample:
Summary: Jen, who is obsessed with giant squids and very fearful of them, tells about her daily activities. She is NEVER DULL. If you want to kill a blog be dull. Jen is getting noticed. I’ve seen her interviewed on various web shows and now she’s been invited by Guy Kawasaki to land on an aircraft carrier with a group of famous people. I’m not making this up.

2. Toby Cryns
Ok, Toby is my son and my business partner. If I can’t help my son, who should I help? Wait. What I mean is I have no problem with nepotism. In fact I embrace it. Put that in you smoke and pipe it, Republicans.

3. – ok, it’s not a blog. It is an online magazine stand, quite interesting and powerful, created by Guy Kawasaki, one of my favorite web people.

4. Twitter Search – not to be confused with the main Twitter site. I am a search freak. I love to put together combinations of words that can produce interesting results. For instance, type into Google “Greg is” with the quotes. But use your name to generate a laugh or a tear.

5. Twitter and Facebook – Facebook is still a distant second for me but gaining fast right now.

5. – this is where I get my hard news. Their headline service is great, changing frequently.

6. Yahoo groups – I have a couple of my own groups and some that I frequent too. Good stuff.

greg cryns


One response to “My favorite websites

  1. You are making me all blushy.

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