If I were deeply religious I might say that God is really pissed off by the Republican party.  Every step it takes moves it further from its former leadership role.

I say “good riddance” and “rest in pieces” to the Republican party but I feel the Democratic party will see a similar fate in the future.

We are witnessing the birth of the multi-party system in the US. The US will finally catch up to the European way.Moving to the left (more government) tells me that this is what the country (like an organism) needs to survive. I have this theory that governments, like corporations, have their own life force, if you will, that makes them like humans. After all, countries are made up of lots of human beings.

A government, like a corporation, will gravitate toward whatever it is that seems to make it healthier, an organism with the will to thrive. An organism that has food on the tables and houses to protect it. I think the brain (as part of the body, not separate from) does that for the body as well.

Glenn Beck. Yesterday I listened to about 15 minutes of his TV show. Beck reinforced his belief that the two party system is crumbling. Did you get that?

I was startled by Beck’s new beliefs. He is saying what I’ve been saying for a while now. “People should not fear the government. The government should fear the people.”  I put it differently and would say “The real work begins after the election.” This is a far cry from “You can change it but you need to wait til the next election.”

We look back and say “that’s the way it started out, so beautiful, now it is moving away from that ideal.” Beck is mourning the loss and he is fearful. But he sees the light. I think he knows he cannot rejoin the Republican party. His motives are not pure, for sure.

Wouldn’t you love a real opportunity to have an influence on what Obama does or does not do every day? We need to make Obama respect and, yes, fear us. How do you do that with the one-party system we have in place now?

You still don’t think it is a one-party  system?

Beck is flip-flopping. A few years ago the Republicans made fun of Kerry as a flip-flopper. How silly. It is good to flip-flop. At least it shows you are thinking and not head-bobbing.

You seem to be married to the Constitution and the Bible. Are you? Do you see them both as etched in stone? Both have some sound rules for living yet both are antiquated by the events of today.

Hitler and Stalin loved head-bobbers. They murdered those who were not.

See you next time!



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