Teabag Parties show Republican weakness

No, I am not scared by this teabag stuff. I am amused and I just want to hit back at these brainwashed people who had such a good time aiming their attacks at liberals when they were protected by George and DICK.

Your paragraph on 48% of Americans makes no sense to me at all. Do you automatically assume that all of the 48% are low income people?

As far as I know, only rabid Libertarians want no taxes at all. I think your Repubconservatives realize that we need at least what was taxed before the meltdown brought on by the rich people.

Beheading and rape – be very afraid!

Do you know anyone who attended a teabagger party today? Maybe that is why you are sensitive?

By the way, what are they protesting today on tax day? Has Obama raised taxes? Is he proposing to raise taxes on people who earn less than $250,000 (or $200K – pick your number)?  Did you go to a teabag party? There must be a big one in Chicago. HA-HA.

The 50,000 is a number I took out of my Athletics cap. But I bet it is close, maybe higher than reality.

Where were the protesters when Bush did the first bailout? Wait, I know. This protest is not about taxation, right? It is about bailouts. Hmmm, were there any Republican bankers who gleefully took their bailout money? I did not hear many of the bankers or Wall St people rejecting the money.

Bailouts are bad because they are more about saving the rich than the poor, in my humble opinion. However, they seem to be having some effect on the economy. Well, I know they had nothing to do with the upswing that we’re possibly seeing now, do they? That was going to happen anyway, according to the Republicans.

I hope the Republicans are driven to disband only things would not be as funny any more.

Twitter is left wing? Who said so? Hannity, Rush, Glenn? Who? How would you or they know? Oh, I see, the entire Internet is lefty. Is that it? When the newspapers all disappear (that is a true tragedy in the making) then I guess “The Press” will be TV and the Internet and right wing radio?

WSJ reported that the pharmaceuticals are raising their prices by double digits. Hospitals also raised prices. I think the cost of healthcare has risen over 100% in the past 5 years? Something like that.

You talked about how the Canadian health plan makes people wait for tests.  Yvonne had to wait about three months to get her colonoscopy. What’s the difference? Nicer nurses?

In America we get the healthcare we deserve. True?

See ya.

Greg Cryns


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