Liberal thoughts, Conservative horror

Things that are MUSIC to MY ears but probably sound like fingernails on a blackboard to Republicans:

1. Spread the wealth is a great concept!

2. Rev. Wright is absolutely right!

3. George Bush is the worst President in American history.

4. Our boys die needlessly in Iraq.

5. You cannot WIN in Iraq.

6. Reagan was a fair actor and a so-so President.

7. Jimmy Carter was one of the greatest Presidents.

8. Michael Moore speaks truth.

9. Joe the Plumber is a faked setup.

10. We don’t need to drill, drill, drill.

11. Muslims are generally good people.

12. The U.N. is a noble effort.

13. Global warming is mainly caused by humans.

14. America is not favored by God.

15. When Republicans say “Freedom” they really mean “Business”

16. Republicans like to screw around and then call for “family values”.

Send this on to 5,000 people you know or you will be enlisted in the army, chickenhawks.
Liberals are exempt and will get medals for sending this on.


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