I met a Conservative yesterday and I like him

I met a fellow on my walk yesterday morning, Chuck Seaver. He is 70 years old and owns a house and a wife 10 years younger than he is. He’s been divorced three times. He spent enough time in the Navy to get a pension and medical benefits. I liked Chuck immediately. Intelligent, witty, not self possessed.

Chuck told me about his past as a biker (Harley) and how he was married to his latest catch in Las Vegas by a JP.

Chuck goes to a lot of yard sales. Showed me his garage where one side has stuff just for him. I guess the other side has stuff for him and whoever is his latest wife too. Chuck earns money student teaching at the local schools, all grades. I get the feeling those kids like this feisty old dude.

Chuck told me about the people who live in the houses adjacent to his and right across the street. He said Mexicans lived in those houses. I was chafed by the use of the word “Mexicans” instead of “Latinos.” He matter-of-factly spoke about the idea of “us against them (Mexicans)”  He was not really denouncing them, just making an observation as he told about how they live with their relatives and other immigrants from south of the border.

Chuck voted for McCain the day before. I don’t think he understands, yet, how the Latino vote was a significant ingredient in McCain’s defeat and also how they represent fundamental change.

Chuck laughed when I said I thought he was a Conservative “with a capital C”. I think He considers himself a Liberal though I didn’t press on that button during our long talk.

We spent a lot of time talking about God, Jesus, right and wrong after he let the cat out of the bag that he is a Christian. He goes to a Methodist church that caters to Christians who really don’t want to be restrained by liturgy. He proabably fits the definition of “born again” since he told me that I needed to be re-baptized.

Finally, I scooted my two well behaved and leashed dogs toward the sidewalk signaling that it was time to go.

Chuck gave me two gifts:  a boxed porcelain Santa Claus picked up from a yard sale for 50 cents (Chuck likes to bargain) and a paperback Bible.

greg cryns


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