I voted to allow gay marriage on Friday

Yes, I requested and received a mail ballot. Interesting experience. I could sit in my own office and ponder the 10 Propositions without feeling the pressure to hurry. The one causing the most emotion and
discussion is Proposition 8, technically the attempt to define “marriage” but in reality an attempt to squash gay marriage in California.

Notice: I am not gay but I strongly support gay rights. Not afraid to say that in public either.

Here is what the signs that beautify the California landscape look like:

Millions of dollars were poured into advertising, almost all from the people who are anti-gay marriage.
Particularly interesting is that most of the money came from OUTSIDE California. I think most of the other states are represented in the donations.

You should see the thousands of anti-gay Prop 8 signs on people’s lawns. One Latino neighborhood in LA has this sign in front of almost every house. The big irony is that most of those houses also have an Obama sign up as well! Funny.

See, if it is not obvious already to you, people are worried that if gays are allowed to get married in CA the
idea may become reality in their own states soon. CA is a testing zone right now.

I saw a bumper sticker recently. It said: IF YOU DON’T LIKE GAY MARRIAGE, THEN DON’T HAVE ONE

This man is made a statement in opposition to Prop 8 and he lost a lot of gay votes. I guess his action was “measured” or does it reflect simply a badly run campaign?

Well, I voted for Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party. I simply could not resist voting for two black
women at the top of the ticket. That is amazing when you consider American history. Go ahead Liberals, tell me I wasted my vote. I don’t care. The biggest danger to American is not, in my opinion, a Republican
President, but rather that we will continue as a two party nation.

Thus, I will miss saying I voted for America’s first black President, but I will be able to tell my grandkids that I voted for two black women in 2008!

Greg Cryns

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One response to “I voted to allow gay marriage on Friday

  1. Great article! I didn’t know I could have voted an all-black ticket!!

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