What liberals really think

My right wing buddy asked me why I don’t like Sarah Palin as a candidate.

My response….

I hesitate to state my opinions because you often come back with “well, that’s just a lot of dumb crap” type of respnse. That just shows me you are over the edge about the political scene. I will admit that I’ve shown similar feelings and they are not good. For instance, when I was talking about the wingnuts who were screaming out horrible things at McCain’s rallys you said “You don’t know, they might be Democrats!”  Well, ok, they might, but, jeez.

First, I want to say that I think that any organization functions better with diversity of opinion. So, just from my perspective I think that when those 3 Supremes die or retire that Palin would probably block any attempt to replace them with a liberal or a moderate. Thus, she would insure that Rov v Wade gets killed. I know that is a good thing for you, but not for me.

Second, I think she may sympathize with the John Birch society or that her husband might have that affiliation. The lady who tried to ban the video in the library had a husband who was a member of the John Birch society. Check this out:

Third, my heart says that she may really fuck up the world. For instance, during the Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy was in the middle about what to do. Fortunately for the the world he had a fellow advisor who attended the meetings about this. That advisor had spent time with Kruschev and his wife and he told Kennedy that what Kruschev needed was to be able to tell the Russian people that the U.S. backed down. So, Kennedy gave Kruschev a last chance and the nuclear war was averted.

I have no feeling that Palin is close to having Kennedy’s judgment especially when she stated her opinion (incredibly) that limited nuke warfare is a possible choice. That probably killed a million votes right there.

Those are my main difficulties with Sarah Palin as Prez.

I have hear from my left wing friends (women) that she made the decision to take on the Governorship and the VP race even though she had children who needed her attention. I think a lot of women dislike her for that reason and it is surprising to me that maybe you have not heard that from your right wing friends who always talk about “family values.”

My lefty women friends feel that a good Prez will have a good relationship with his/her family and it is really about Family First, if you will.

Why do you keep brining up “compared to Biden.” What you don’t see is that liberals don’t even give a rats ass about Biden, not really. And they don’t think about him much at all. That is a major flaw with the glasses. They won’t allow you to see what matters to the other side.

Lots of other examples: Liberals don’t really care about Ronald Reagan, good or bad. They just don’t think about him. Like conservatives, liberals don’t really care about the soldiers, but they do care about getting out of Iraq. Liberals don’t care if YOU are rich or poor, but they want wealth spread around. Somehow liberals relate better to poor people. Liberals don’t really care about the abortion issue but they don’t like to be told they are “pro-abortion” when they are really about “women’s rights”.

Liberals don’t go around all day thinking about the Constitution like their right wing friends seem to do. They think of the Constitution as a living and changing thing.

You told me you oppose gay marriage “because the definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman.” Wha? That’s why you object to gay marriage? You are fibbing, Bob. Liberal’s don’t give a rats ass if a gay couple want to get married and they think your side is kinda stupid for caring about an Old School issue.

Frankly, liberals in general don’t really care about Sarah Palin nor do they think about her much. But they do love to make fun of her, I’ll give you that. She is so funny.

Do you really want to know what liberals think? Sometimes I wonder.


3 responses to “What liberals really think

  1. Why would a liberal vote for Obama? He’s pro-death penalty, anti-gun control, pro-FISA. This is not liberal. Vote Green.

  2. Hi JM,

    Thanks for your post. How did you find my blog?

    I understand your post about voting Green.

    In fact, I’ve made it very public that I was going to vote Green. But I think for some different reasons than most. I am pushing people to vote any 3rd party candidate. I want to try to get a critical mass of voters to vote for 3rd party candidates, not matter who.

    Why? Because I don’t think we can get the attention of the power brokers without a huge mass of people turning their backs on them. If I push for the Green Party, then I will fail in my quest, or at least it won’t happen soon enough.

    Using the Internet we might get a 3rd party into power. But the work begins after the election. Well, too much to go into this.

    One question: do you assume that liberal=Democrat? That is a false assumption, right? Help me to open the minds of a closed-minded public.


  3. I found this blog just by searching John McCain. I agree with you that the way to make a protest vote stand out is to vote 3rd party. I have turned my back on the Democratic Party, a painful decision but one I needed to make when they nominated someone who showed no sense of what it means to be a Democrat. I don’t assume liberal = Democrat, but I do know that many who style themselves “progressive” are voting for Obama without ever looking at statements he has made regarding GLBT issues, the death penalty (a deal breaker for me), affirmative action, etc.

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