Michele Bachmann says Obama is “anti-American”

Michele Bachmann, a congresswomen from Minnesota, that Obama is “anti-american” on the Chris Matthews show today.

Matthews is very upset about the McCain robo calls that are being used right now to try to convince people that he has terrorist leanings. Matthews should be upset. This type of rhetoric rips into the great fabric of the American ideals.

I  think we need to be careful of using descriptions and definitions. For example, when I ask my conservative friends why they oppose gay marriage I will almost always get the answer “Because the definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman.”

Well, golderned it, there are plenty of definitions that make conservative hair curl and their mouths froth in anger.

Joel said, “Obama’s “spreading of the wealth” comment was not a “mis-speak”.  He got caught telling the truth.” I think this is very perceptive, Joel, and I agree but I would not call it “getting caught” that shows an agenda on your side. But, yes, I think Obama is very socialistic especially when compared with the right wing agentdas. Unfortunately for them, the Old School methods will not work any more. But we need to differentiate Obama from, say, the early Russian revolutionaires back in 1918 and maybe even from the Europeans of today. I doubt that Obama and the President of France mirror their ideas of what is socialism.

Blanket statements show laziness, right?

When the issue of Rev. Wright came up I saw an interview with Obama and his wife. She did not want to talk about the issue. Obama came to her rescue bo overspeaking her. In fact, it is my firm belief that the Obama’s believe in Rev. Wright for most of his ideas.

Know what? So do I and I am proud to say so. Wright said, “The god those on top of the slaveships prayed to was not the same god that those below the decks prayed to.”

Amen to that, Rev. Wright. And may the folks who are calling Obama “anti-American” this morning, specifically that Congresswoman from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, may they have a an acute attack of kidney stones tonight, dear God.

Greg Cryns


One response to “Michele Bachmann says Obama is “anti-American”

  1. They are getting desperate!

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