Comment on Salon’s Pity Party for Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin ceaselessly gets hammered in the media, on the web, in the newspapers, at political meetings, everywhere. Salon posted an article titled “Sarah Palin Pity Party” today, for example.

I believe that many Democrats are really scared that she might do well in Thursday’s VP debate. I think she will do OK, but not great. My personal opinion is that McCain shot himself in the foot by choosing Palin not because she is incapable but because there is an impression she is incapable. I think Palin is smart and talented. Inexperienced. Of course.

A lot of women on on the hate Sarah bandwagon. That surprises me although I’ve known for quite some time that women never learned to circle the wagons. Their loss.

Allow me this to ask this fantasy question of all females:

Let’s just pretend that you are the governor of Utah (that’s not unlike Alaska to me).

Let’s further assume you are a Democrat and you  have been in office for two years and you love politics.

Obama gives you a call. “Will you join me?”

What do you say?

greg cryns


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