A chat with my new friend and Conservative, Steve

This is my answer to an email sent by Steve.

Voting for anyone is pissing in the wind because they are all such blowhards.

I remember my Grandfather, an Irish Catholic in Chicago, told me once: “Greg. The game they play at the top (President) is a real mean and dirty one.”

This coming from a guy who adored Richard J. Daley. He knew stuff. I listened and learned. I think he was telling me that there is little difference between high politics and the Mafioso.

Really, why care. If you killed all of the terrorists today there will be thousands coming up tomorrow.

In my mind the U.S. is history’s most active terrorist. After all, what other country fire bombed both Japan and Germany when both countries were phreaking helpless. Do you remember how late in WWII Dresden happened. It was like WEEKS before the surrender. How many ununiformed citiezens were killed there? I don’t know but it was a LOT. Something like 100,000. Let that sink in. 100,000 civilians.

Oh I know, war is hell. Wikipedia says, “None of Dresden’s garrisons or military sites were targeted. Some of the Allies described the operation as the justified bombing of a military and industrial target while others called it “Terror.” ”  Others called it “terror”.

They wonder, “Why do they hate us?” Think, man. It is obvious.

No, there is no excusing the leaders. They are full of crap, all of them. Yet we always give those bloodthirsty bastards a pass. What a bunch of wimps we are. I feel like I am a puppet on strings.

The Democrats are the most bloodthirsty of the bunch. Wilson, Truman, LBJ. I don’t remember any Republicans dropping atomic bombs on civilians. Kennedy was no saint either, though he seems to have been canonized by the minions just like Reagan. You know, the Actor.

The modern day Republicans are repulsive. It’s not the same Party any more. They are slimebags just like their counterparts.

It is obvious to me that the people are totally brainwashed, not by the politicians, but by their own parents. Our parents were lovable goofballs (otherwise known as suckers). Always ready to bend over for the fave leader. Things have not changed too much, I guess.

I met a liberal in Paso Robles. Damned if this is not the most Conservative town on earth. Who would have thought in the middle of California. They love their giant pickup trucks and cowboy hats around here. I bet John Wayne camped out here one night many moons ago. I met that liberal, another goofball guy with long hair, an ex-teacher, when I was doing my morning walk.

We have lots of Mexicans living in Paso. They pretty much keep to themselves barely lifting their heads when I walk by them with my white dog. There is a gleaming anger in their eyes, not like the Chicanos in Chicago. These people are an angry bunch. They believe the whites stole their land back in the 1800’s. Know what? They are correct.

But you and I have a secret. We’ve won life’s lottery. We were born white males in the U.S. There must be a God in Heaven surely watching over us, the white males in the good ole U.S. of A. I love it when Conservatives pretend that they earned their keep. “We work so hard,” they say. “And the spics don’t work much at all,” they say. “It’s amazing how lucky I get when I work.” Tripe like that.

Well, you said the gloves were off so if you got this far, I hoep you were entertained.

I am not your average left wingnut, as the Conservative hero says. Ah, Rush, he knows how to play his cards, eh? $40 million scored. If Jesus Christ Himself showed up on Rush’s show and told him he was wrong, Rush would express false anger and call Jesus a fakir. Just like Mr. Hannity and Olbermann. They get paid to talk their talk. They never forget who feeds them. Good boys. Don’t ever bite the hand that feeds you, eh?

Know what I fear most? Religious people. I’m not talking about your average Catholic or Lutheran or even Episcopalian (isn’t that the Presidential domain?). I am talking about the Evangelists. The people who would love to see the end of the world during their own lifetimes. The ones who would not be Left Behind.

They scare me.

One of my fave quotes is by Patton. “General, do you read the Bible?”

“Every Goddamn day.”

Nite, Steve.


2 responses to “A chat with my new friend and Conservative, Steve

  1. Perhaps nobody spoke with more conviction about the helplessness of the people against their leaders than Kurt Vonnegut. He spent some of the final days of WWII in a slaughterhouse in Dresden guarded by shoeless boys.

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