What I learned watching the Republican Convention tonight

(Palin points out a black man on the RNC floor)

1.  Palin warmed the hearts of extreme Republicans everywhere.

2. If I want to give a speech I will want Matthew Scully to write it for me, too.

3. I learned that Palin is very good at reading from a prompt.

4. I saw one black man on the RNC floor! I don’t even think he was a reporter!

5. Rudy Giuliani needs no lipstick. He is the real pit bull. Grrrrrrr!

6. Giulani said that John needs the support of an experienced person like Palin. Uh, ok.

7. Palin is HOT. Very frisky.

8. So far, no one has said much about the economy.

9. Joe Biden does not have to be concerned about being a gentleman at the VP debate any more.

10. McCain likes to kiss babies.

It looks to me like the Republicans closed ranks at precisely the wrong time.

The next sound you will hear is a trumpet playing TAPS for McCain and the hot mama.


3 responses to “What I learned watching the Republican Convention tonight

  1. Haha! Brilliant analysis!

  2. Good post, Greg…

    By being an independent , I would like to offer a small addendum to your list:

    What I learned from watching both conventions:

    1. The winds of change are blowing and, as U.S. citizens, it would behoove us to find a place to stand somewhere “Upwind” of both parties to avoid the stench.

    2. NONE of the candidates write their own speeches, therefore lets just run the speech writers for office.

    3. Palin IS hot but Biden ain’t… May make all the difference.

    4. McCain said he needs the support of an experienced person like Palin… Apparently Biden felt the same need by running with Obama.

    5. The respective parties are not going to let the candidates change anything that would mess up their playhouses; the Dems won’t let Obama get rid of a single worthless, money sucking program just like the Republicans are not about to let McCain touch one cent of their PAC money. They all may as well walk up to the podium and fart the lyrics of Yankee Doodle; it would be just as entertaining and contain as much substance.

  3. Mike,

    Totally agree. I decided before the 2000 election that I would not vote for either a Dem or Rep again (full discolsure: I never voted for a Rep before)

    I encourage all to vote for any 3rd party candidate. I choose the Green party but it makes little difference.

    I want to be able to TELL people that I didn’t vote for McCain or Obama. Yes, I want to shock them into some sense.

    thanks for you enlightened comment,

    greg cryns

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