Bill O’Reilly makes a left turn on July 4

I am beginning to like Bill O’Reilly?

Last night I caught part of O’Reilly’s TV show. I was expecting the usual rant but instead I got something much different.

Mr. O’Reilly actually attacked Big Oil. I was stunned. He went after the oil execs big time.

He said that capitalism may be breaking apart. He said the oil companies are just plain greedy.

O’Reilly’s rant came just after the stock market tanked almost 400 points down. Something tells me Bill neglected to move his pension plan out of the market. That could explain his new persona.

For about six months now I’ve noticed that Fox News is a kinder, gentler TV station. More often than not the station will actually air differing opinions. How crazy is that?

I’ve also noticed that O’Reilly now loses his patience with some of his co-workers. Even Ann Coulter is kept at a distance. Laura Ingraham is not spared either.

Maybe “like” is a bad choice of words. Perhaps “stunned” is a better way to put my feelings for Bill right
now. Bill does his job very well. He is the appointed blood pressure guy. Every talking head station needs someone like Bill. Someone who can be counted on to raise the blood pressure of part of the audience. Laura Ingraham does that as well but she is just, well, like that. Bill does it like an artist.

Perhaps Bill’s swing to the left can best be explained by saying he was being honest for once and he know he might be able to get away with it since this was the July 4th show, almost at fireworks time, and the audience was sure to be smaller than usual.

I’m just being cynical. I must have talked to too many Republicans recently.


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