Is increased oil drilling in the US a good thing?

Oil rigs near my home in Paso Robles, CA.

My letter to conservative Bob:

The government could simply insist that most or all of the oil stays at “home.”

Something tells me the oil companies would jump at the chance even at reduced profits.

Think outside the conservative Republican box. Not every value can be measured in dollars and sense. Well, you can try to but that way is emptiness. Every time I used to hear “The guy with the most toys wins” I would get nauseated.

As you probably know, Limbaugh got a $400 Million contract. Though I don’t know if he “earned” it I think he is getting what the market will bear. I still think such sums are absurd and hurt the fabric of our society. Just like I think there oughta be a law that says people cannot tear down perfectly good million dollar homes on Mohawk Ave just to put up another, more expensive home. That is simply a waste of resources.

Yes, Americans are piggy when it comest to wasting resources. That day is over for good, Bob. Your rich buddies may not believe it. It’s too scary for them. It is happening.

I was at our city offices today talking with a young guy who is in charge of the water. Tuesday I attended a meeting. It was announced that our water bills will quadruple in the next five years with a gradual increase each year.

See, we need to bring in fresh water from Lake Naciamento in a new pipeline that wil be 45 miles long when finished. They already have 13 miles done. The planning started in 1992 when the County board had enough vision to make a deal for the lake that will take care of three nearby cities.

The point is that our water is yet another commodity like gasoline. The scarcity makes it very valuable.

Things are changing and much more quickly than even the brightest people figured on. They were lulled to sleep by greed and megalomania.

The quickly disappearing gas guzzling cars signal another big change. Walmart will not be making as much money. People will not be willing to buy things they don’t really need because they won’t be able to pick up some things in small cars. I predict that Walmart will have to start delivering a lot of stuff, at a higher cost to the consumer of course.

So the consumers will stop buying so much stuff that they probably did not need so quickly anyway. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe it will pay a new company to make stuff that is better constructed and not made in China because the cost to ship stuff is going through the roof as well.

Did you know that Walmart’s attempt to set up in Germany failed? They bought a bunch of existing stores that were pretty far out from the cities. Europeans drive small cars due to the high gas prices. Eventually Walmart sold off all the stores and pulled up stakes completely. This article was written in 2005:

I learned Tuesday night that Paso Robles issued only 6 (six!) new housing construction permits since January 2008. A couple of years ago they issued over 70 permits. SIX. It’s not just us. My friend in Spring Grove told me they had 10 permits issued. this year. That is a town that has been bursting at the seams for the past 10 years. The Spring Grove kids were 80% of the combined H.S. with Richmond.

Big home and big cars for the middle class will not be made any more. The rich will always be able to afford them. Unfortunately the money is gravitating to the top. Your high expectations of a revived middle class in the US are pipe dreams.

It is the turn of the Asian countries. We will still be here but in much modified condition. National Healtcare that simply must happen is a result of the change. Incredible inflation is just around the corner, I think.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Don’t blame the messenger, please. I hope I am 100% wrong. I hope something comes along but I don’t see what it can be.

I heard a guy call into a radio station tonight. He said “The US was put here in this world. We are a blessed country.”

Oh, one other oddity. Before the city council meeting we said the Pledge. No biggie. But then a minister said a prayer. That surprised me. It must be legal? Or is it blind stubbornness? I did find ONE liberal in town the other day when I was walking the dogs (doing 1 1/2 miles every morning now and feeling very good). He is 76 years old, very spry with long hair. He taught high schools for a long time. His name is Bill.

“I figured you for a conservative,” said Bill with a wry smile.


One response to “Is increased oil drilling in the US a good thing?

  1. This Bill fellow sounds like a gem!

    Great article, Dad!!

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