I know someone who actually found a buyer for his house!

I have four brothers. One of them is very rich by average middle class standards. He is not CEO rich or George Romney rich or even Condi Rice rich.

Like America, he is blessed by the Lord upstairs. At least that is what some people believe (like Rev. Farwell and his ilk)

He owns a house in an expensive neighborhood. A few weeks ago he decided he wanted to sell his house because he obtained a new job that puts him in the 40% income bracket and that is before he includes his beautiful wife’s income that is so big to be unmentionable here.

So, he puts some flyers around the neighborhood saying he wants to sell his house for (a very high price). Yesterday a guy called him and said he wants to make an offer.

Is my brother blessed or not? I will let you be the judge and jury.

In other news, I noticed Barack is wearing a flag pin now. Is that hypcritical? It sure will be according to Hanratty and Laura Ingram for sure. Wait til they get their bloodthirsty fangs into that one.

Did you watch McCain’s speech last night? Jeez Luise he must be so broke he is hiring a college kid to stage his speeches.

See if you can watch his speech without laughing out loud:

Look for a landslide for Obama in November. You heard it here second! The billionaire said it first in public.

greg cryns


One response to “I know someone who actually found a buyer for his house!

  1. McSame is the most boring man in America.

    Check out Obama’s speech from last night:

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