Michelle Obama may have “IT”

Michelle Obama

Michelle Malkin

I get scolded for not expressing my love of my country correctly. I lost my flag lapel pin Dr. Bob gave me a few years ago. I think I will get another one soon. Really. Why?

Because I do love my country. Very much. It’s just that I think the US and the rest of the world needs to correct its course. I am not afraid to say so and as loudly as possible. I want the good the US does (and there is plenty of that) to shine and not to be tarnished by the Ugly American tags. We are not perfect but we do shine enough, just enough. Like Mozart and Michaelangelo.

I saw an email today about one Michelle Malkin talking about how proud she is to be an American. I don’t know Michelle Malkin. Is she black? She says she is a woman “of color”. Filipino? It does not matter except that I learned she is a “conservative journalist.”

I’m sorry but I can’t shake the thought of a conservative woman of color from my mind. It just seems wrong.

Has Malkin ever seen American life through the eyes of a black woman? I ask that question with respect. People do not choose their ethnic background.

Malkin is more than just conservative, though. She is far right wing. There is a difference. You know that, right?

Malkin is famous for calling out ABC news for telling their reporters not to wear the American Flag pins or red, white and blue ribbons. My initial reaction is “right on, Michelle!” but on further thought it may be better for our journalists to try to see the situation without bias.

In the recent email Malkin supposedly posted an article (unverified) about how she felt proud of America. The intention of the article is to jab at Michelle Obama’s husband, of course.

In the email statement, Malkin says she’s been to more than one naturalization ceremony. Is that a job for her? How many have you been to? I’ve never seen one though I am sure they are inspirational.

I think Michele Barack would say the same about a naturalization ceremony.

What is it about this election that finds the talking heads jabbering about Barack Obama’s wife? This is reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy back in 1960. I think her presence helped push Jack into the winning column.

Like Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Barack is highly educated and intelligent (the two adjectives do not necessarily merge), confident and beautiful (again).

The right wing is blowing Michelle Barack’s comments up because their gunbelts are shy of ammunition this year.

Never mind that her statements are taken from the context of her life as a black woman in America. You don’t have to be a poor black woman to feel the pain of a two hundred years of dire hatred.

We have Condi and Malkin who provide the exceptions that prove the rule. If they represent African Americans in the US why is Obama getting 80% of the black vote? Do you think Condi would get 80% of their votes?

The right wing rants about Obama’s minister and his use of the word “bitter.” They need a new writer. The script is stale and a loser.

Let’s talk about economics and Iraq and global warming and about the type of change that really shakes the world. Stash the nonsense, politico boys and girls.

That’s the opinion of greg cryns. Worth what you paid for it.


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  1. Brilliant!

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