Why do they (right wing) hate Hillary?

There is no doubt about it. The vast majority of Republicans despise Hillary Clinton. When you ask them why they actually begin to snort. You can see the blood rise to their head and I swear I saw smoke pours from their noses. Try it. You will see it for yourself.

But why? They never have a solid answer. Oh, she was involved in some bad stuff in Arkansas, they say. There is a trail of dead bodies behind her and her husband.

Oops. They let the cat out of the bag. Her husband. So, it is really Bill Clinton they hate! Why? Because he had sex with a lot of ladies, and THEY are jealous. I get it. they can’t get any. Even in their early 20’s they couldn’t get any. When they learned how, they were all dried up.

Or maybe they are simply woman haters. They must get that idea from the Bible. It started with Eve, remember? Hillary is the Republican’s modern day Eve.

Show me the facts, Republicans! I mean,really. I saw a biography of Hillary a few days ago. She’s worked extremely hard her entire life. She’s put up with Bill. She’s smart as a whip. What has shedone to deserve this hatred.

Yet, yet, they like Obama. Isn’t that strange? They don’t like McCain, but they like Obama. Some of them will even vote for Obama. Life is weird.

A lot of Democrats are weird. But the Republicans are whacko nerds. Barrack and Hillary have the brightest movie stars on stage with them. McCain has that old actor nobody can name. Willard something.

Get a life, Republicans!

By the way, it turns out that the Democrats could have stopped the eavesdropping yesterday but their leaders chose not to do so. The Democrats need to be run out town. Sick people.

How do you like my new banner? My son and business partner, Toby Cryns, did that for me. He is excellent at graphics and at Flash.

Check out Toby’s site: The Mighty Mo. http://www.themightymo.com

Here is a pic I took in my home town of Paso Robles today. Life is full of ironies.

greg cryns



2 responses to “Why do they (right wing) hate Hillary?

  1. Well said, Dad!! …and great banner! 🙂

    People, especially Republicans, it would seem, love to hate other people, in general. It’s something they hold close to their heart as one of life’s great values – “Hate thy neighbor if he or she is different from you in any way.”

    I don’t think most Democrats hate George W. Bush. They see him as an idiot who needs to be sent home where he can live out his life in obscurity as a Texas aristocrat.

  2. I think that most people “hate” Hillary for reasons that they can not logically point out to anyone other than those who agree with them. “Hate” her? What has she done? I think that one thing is certain that Bill Clinton’s presidency was the most investigated in US history. The subterfuge was effective because it worked to destroy the credibility of both the Pres. and his wife. Coincidence? We have other “respectable” Dem. voices in gov’t who have abandoned logic and careful analysis in favor of a “message.” They have dissolved the race into a race about race…and, of course, gender. Hillary has less investment in being the “first woman” than does Obama being the “first black”. He has a long tiring speech that spellbinds the unintelligent to a cause he has no ability to cure. Rather than having the class to step aside and allow a seasoned politician with a proven track record to begin working on this nation’s difficulties, he has transformed into a classic pedagogue spouting a litany of platitudes and promises.

    I don’t think that Dems really “hate” Hillary but rather don’t like or trust themselves. The fact that Dems in leadership positions have allowed these past 7 years of numerous occasions of deceit to go completely unaddressed. Think back to when we nearly impeached a president for a ***&** in the Oval Office and Ted Kennedy and alums have let this administration to just trudge on and simultaneously tread on everything this country once stood for. There is an old adage that you can’t really love someone else until you love yourself. This is a case in point. Dems in general have become weak, lazy, disempowered thinkers and “lovers” when it comes to politics. I for one am embarrassed that I spent as much time thinking that they would be able to really figure out that they are their own worst enemies. I think that if Hillary loses this one, she and Bill BOTH need to pack it up and go on the lecture circuit. What is the point of being a loyal, committed civil servant with a proven track record if that is actually something that can be used as a form of liability instead of reliability. Good grief.

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