Mitt sitts.

Well, bust my buttons.

My least favorite candidate threw in the towel. Pardon me while I release some crocodile tears.

Mitt had a fitt. Mitt gitt. Mitt got the jitt(ers). Mitt fell into a Pitt. Mitt, um, the titt (hehe). Mitt had no Witt.

That leaves McCain. I kinda like John but he is so OLD SCHOOL. I like him mainly because he took on the conservative jerks who don’t think that waterboarding is torture. I’d like to waterboard a few of the naysayers over there and THEN see what they say. Did I mention they are chickenhawks too? And they want to tell US how to LIVE?

Give me a break.

The conservatives just plain hate Hillary and Bill. I mean HATE. It’s as though they are sorry for something they did in their past. Is that possible?

I am glad McCain is the only Rep left. If the Dems don’t screw up too bad, John should be easy pickins.

Me? I am voting for Ron Paul. Why? Well, I was going to vote for the Peace Party candidate but I think a large total for Ron Paul will be a more effective way to tell the bums that they all stink up the country. Every last one of them.

For instance, now they are all jumping on the RECESSION bandwagon. Well, twist my knickers. They didn’t see that coming? Who are they kidding?

Hey, did you notice that your President Bush almost wet himself calling the governors of the tornado states. Huh? He let New Orleans drown? Has he learned a lesson? Can we be so stupid as to think that?

see you next time,




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