Hillary and Barack made out tonight!

Did you watch the Dem “debate” tonight? It was more like a love fest,
or maybe like a longtime married couple.

There was some sparring and raised voices
but, by golly, I think they fell in love! I mean, they were tripping over
themselves to see who could be the most pleasant to the other.

How about that ending? Both standing close
to each other, waving to the crowd.

So, will Hill pick Barack to run
with her? Will Barack throw up? Will McCain be chuckling? Will Mitt have a hissy
fit next Tuesday night? Will he buy more stock in VO-5?

Will Ann Coulter really vote for Hillary
over McClain? Will John Edwards recommend Hillary or Obama? Does it matter?

Only time will tell.

Super Tuesday is just a few days away.
Aren’t you excited?

See you next time!

greg cryns

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2 responses to “Hillary and Barack made out tonight!

  1. Hahah! This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Hillary and Barack are secretly in love! It’s true!! I saw them making out on one of those paddle boats on old Elmer’s pond. The birds were chirping and everything!

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