Send Out Cards

I took the plunge and decided to rep a company named
Send Out Cards. I have been watching this company for over a year. One day another internet marketer said she had joined the company. I decided to ask her why. When she told me why I then decided to get off the pot and stoke the fire for some fun and money.

If you have a business where it is important to be in your prospect’s mind when he or she decides to buy your product or service, then you need Send Out Cards. Are you ready Here is my pitch:

Send Out Cards is a System that allows you to send real physical greeting cards from the Internet. They are not those cheesy “E Cards”. They are the type of cards people used before the Internet took the fun out of sending cards . These cards arrive by first class mail in an ENVELOPE with a STAMP.

You can send hundreds or thousands of cards at the click of a mouse. You can create custom cards with your picture and logo, You can insert gift cards and checks.

You could think of it as an autoresponder that sends Greeting Cards.

It is a fantastic tool for so many people including sales people, attorneys, realtors, insurance, dentists, chiropractors. Anyone who wants to be in front of people when they need their product or service and is ready to BUY.


2 responses to “Send Out Cards

  1. militarycards

    Hey man, It has been a couple of years since this post. Are you still working send out cards?

  2. Yes, I am!

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