Let’s be kinder, gentler Christians

Someone over on Yahoo answers asked a great question: “Are we too hard on the Christians.” I say yes, we are.

I am a Christian in that I think Jesus Christ was a very cool guy, like Gandhi. He not only talked the talk, he walked the walk.

Some Christians today say that Jesus would not mind the conflict over in the sand countries. I say they are sadly mistaken. Jesus would mind. He would also mind that the religion named after Him is like a living tower of babel. How many Christian sects are there anyway?

I propose that we all think about what Jesus was trying to tell us. I mean, really think about it. “Be kind to your neighbor” was definitely the mantra. How would Jesus feel about putting up a fence next to Mexico? How would he feel about doing a Shock and Awe on a basicly defenseless country? How would he feel about Paris Hilton (haha).

I am going to try to put away my anger toward my Christian brothers and sisters and try to give them some love and at the same time teach myself how to love.

No group hugs PLEASE! And no guy-guy holding hands in prayer, PUHLEESE!

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greg cryns



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