Orkut looks like a great place to network

I am checking out Orkut. I would like to do some networking with people from many countries. Orkut seems to be perfect with its millions of members.

Orkut was named for the Google engineer who developed it, Orkut Buyukkokten. Orkut started as an independent project and it is owned by Google.

According to Orkut, “The orkut.com community is designed to help you stimulate the romantic and professional areas of your life, in addition to helping you stay connected with your friends.” Oorkut is easy and quick to pronounce. The emphasis is on the “or.” The “kut” is short, like “cut it out!”

Unlike MySpace, Orkut at least appreciates business people in the community.  To connect with business people, set up your information in the “business” section inside your profile.

You can join many communities as you see fit and you can create your own community. As in most other social communities you can set up an album for your photos and make friends.

Some recent studies show that MySpace is still the site networking leader but that Orkut and YouTube are climbing quickly and Orkut may overtake MySpace in the near future. In my mind this is because MySpace is not very friendly with business people. Youger folks can also be a very fickle group.

An analysis of Google Trends shows that MySpace is an international flub. Orkut, on the other hand, has more members from outside the US than inside the US. The primary Orkut countries are Brazil (pop. 180 million), Pakistan (pop. 170 million) and India (pop. 1 billion.

No other large website networks are in the running (Friendster, Facebook) for international recognition.

If you believe there is a great future in networking outside the US, then I recommend you take a closer look at Orkut.

The timing is perfect. 😉

Greg Cryns

Greg’s Blog:  https://greff.wordpress.com


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