It’s time to Squidoo, dudes and dudettes!


  My grandson, age 1.


May 24, 2007

Hi everyone,

A long time when I was in grade school I had a friend named Chris. He was the
type of kid who was always close to breaking the law, but still a nice kid. One night Chris and a couple of other guys climbed up the massive, brand-new water tower in our Chicago suburb and painted on it in giant letters
"POLLUTED". Needless to say, the town leaders nearly had a heart attack when they saw that in the morning. 

Chris’s dad was a very cool guy. He talked to me as though I were an adult. I appreciated that. One day he gave me a gem I never forgot. He said,
“The difficult can be done immediately. The impossible just takes a little longer.” 

In January, 2007, I took up an offer from a very smart young lady named Tiffany Dow. She was putting on a contest using . The object was to see who could get the best Squidoo ranking in one month for a brand new lens. By the way, Tiff wrote an ebook about Squidoo that set records for sales in its first month. 

I read her book and absorbed it. Frankly, I was tired of trying to fit my message and comply with MySpace’s rules. MySpace simply does not want business folks muddying up its pocketooks. 

I won’t leave MySpace because it does have redeeming qualities, but I heard an audio by a fellow who is a master internet marketer. His name is Howie Schwartz. He said he moved his marketing camp over to Squidoo because he tested it and found that Google likes Squidoo. That was enough for Howie. Keep in mind that Howie has
four full-time people writing his content. Impressive?

I am happy to report that I have some excellent results at Squidoo. One of my pages (lens) gets
1,600 unique visitors per week. No joke. This particular lens has a #3 rank for its main two word key phrase. This accounts for the number of visitors.

Having said that, I will tell you that my averages for visitors to my other Squidoo lenses is far less than that, often in the
60-100 per week range. Remember, though, that most of my lenses are less than two months old. As you know, it takes time to get lucky, as it were. But what I love about those unique visitors is that I don’t have to pay Google to get them or buy leads or spend time fixing up my website to make Google happy or even to advertise at all. They just keep coming in. 

I am not suggesting that you hang your marketing hat on any one venue, including Squidoo. Yet, you owe it to yourself to at least check this site out. It’s very easy to use and it is even fun. 

Here is a box of Beanie Babies. Or are they?
Look carefully. You will see our three new Chihuahua puppies in there. 

Or you can pay me to put up a lens for
you. Inexpensively. Send me an email for the details. Here one of my Squidoo lenses. I just checked and it is in the 12th position overall of Goog for “social network marketing”! 

Get involved with social networking.
Do it yourself, or hire me or someone else to help you. But just do it!

I really want to hear what you are doing for your marketing. If you send me an email explaining what you do every day and week to promote your business, I will put a link up here to your site in my next newsletter.

Here is a little gem about how to use your business cards creatively offline to get internet customers

Did you hear about the Forever Stamp? If you buy it now at 41 cents you can use it anytime in the future for full postage on a one ounce letter. It’s a neat gimmick by the USPO that is learning how to market effectively. This one is probably just to get media attention. 

Would you like some good high PR Classified sites to list your products? Try these:

If you need fresh articles for your website, newsletter or blog check out this site: 

That’s it for today. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’ll find the answer for you. Also, please let me know what you want to see in my newsletters. What topics do you want to see discussed?

You can email me at

Mantra: I can succeed – I will succeed! I won’t pay Goog any more!

Greg Cryns
Wahm Search Engine


2 responses to “It’s time to Squidoo, dudes and dudettes!

  1. Hi Greg

    I love your Squidoo lens about setting up a Virtual Assistant Business:

    Thanks for promoting my eBook!

    Kind regards

    Lisa Taliga
    Author of ‘Freelance from Home! The 5 Key Steps
    to Your Successful Virtual Assistant Business’

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