What if Dick Cheney authored Inconveniet Truth?

First off, I’m not at all sold on Al Gore’s analysis of impending doom for the planet. But I wonder about the intelligence and the motives that my right wing buddies have about Al Gore. I mean, really, is Big Al making all this stuff up simply to curb the juggernaut of big oil? Did he go make the movie to become the Democrat’s nominee in 2008? Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I begin to wonder what the right wing would be saying if Dick Cheney made the movie. Something tells me there would be no attack on him from them. I am reminded of the bumper sticker I saw. It read “If you don’t believe in HELL, you’d better be right!”

from the blogosphere:

” Al Gore staged this fear festival perfectly and if you poke it with just enough force, the biodegradable façade will unveil his premature bid for the 2008 presidency and this time he’s definitely bagged New Orleans’ vote.”
~ http://www.superdead.org

Here’s another Halloween mask for wingnuts (quick, who is she?):

Former CIA Officer Valerie Plame
Greg Cryns (back to Paint Shop Pro)


3 responses to “What if Dick Cheney authored Inconveniet Truth?

  1. Long Live King George II!!!

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