I fell in love with “Sex and the City”

My college junior daughter stopped by after driving for 400 miles to pick up some summer style clothes for her trip to Florida for Spring Break. I always ask her what the “break” is from? 24 hours of fun at college? Give me a BREAK!

But she keeps me up to date on many things. Like tonight. My wife and I are very involved with CDs of Sex and the City. We started watching them about two weeks ago. They are borrowed from our library, a truly marvelous place to get to know if you have not done so already.

We’re watching the first episode tonight after first watching some of Season 6 last week. So we got to see how Carrie first met Big whom I recognized from his other TV show, Law and Order. Of course, I had no idea that Sex and the City is over, kaput and that’s a sorry thing because the show is/was exquisitely written and acted. A wonderful experience you seldom get to see on TV except for House making fun of his patients. My daughter gave me that bad news that the show is gone forever.

The thing is that the older I get the more emotional I get. When I see a very good piece of writing performed, or some notable music played or just something naturally beautiful like a new snow covering up our front yard, I get teary eyed. This is new for me. I was not that way 10 years ago, maybe 5. I find myself getting involved with the characters in this TV show. Shouldn’t happen but it is.

So I am hoping, praying that Carrie finds happiness with Big and maybe even gets married. That is how I would write the series based on what I’ve seen. Two good people deserve happiness and each other and I have a hunch they will get that exactly.

We’ve never seen The Sopranos. I get the feeling we may be missing something comparably wonderful. So, when we finsish up with SATC I think I’ll borrow some Soprano action. I’d love to see what all the hullabaloo is about that Gondalfino (sp) guy. I won’t take the time to Google the spelling, nope.

I am so out of the loop. I received a note from one of my 298 MySpace “friends” that I never even exchanged emails with before. At first I thought is was some crazed woman asking me out for a very weird date. The letter talked about a speed dating event in Dallas next week. Sounds interesting, but I will need to decline. Speed dating? My wife might take offense. So, here is the letter. Enjoy!

Mar 10, 2007 5:14 PMHi greg,

Would you like to join me at our Focus4 dinner next
weekend in Dallas?

And take part in the first Internet Marketing Speed
dating Bonanza

OK here is how it works…

All the dinner guests will be broken up into groups of
ten and we put one speaker on each table. The people
on the table have 15 minutes to grill the speaker on
any subject.

The only rule is you have to buy the speaker a drink…

And we will video one table the whole time, 11 fly
on the wall documentary video’s you would kill for.

Trust me you would kill for them

These videos will be yours to take away with you at
the end of the weekend, Yes if you join us for Dinner
on thursday 15th march and take part in the internet
speed dating bonanza you can also attend the whole

11speakers 2 special workshops and the VIP dinner and
mastermind session. We have been charging $497 but
Since you’re one of my MySpace friends, I wanted to
give you a coupon code you can use to save $200

Just add this code (IMetRobert) into the box underneath the payment button to get the whole event including dinner and
the round table speed dating bonanza for just…

$297, but you need to let me know quickly as I need
to confirm numbers with the hotel by Tuesday 13th

Here is the special coupon code IMetRobert
here is the page you need to add the code to

See you in Dallas

Somehow the speed dating idea seems like a science fiction story to me. Sex in the City is so much more real.



2 responses to “I fell in love with “Sex and the City”

  1. I *HEART* Sex and the City!

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    here: http://tinyurl.com/67ekka

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