Slackerpedia Galactica

Whether or not you are into astronomy, this site is worth a visit. Full of humor and astronomical facts, you will come away with a smile on your face.

Want to know about EARTH?

“The Earth is bipolar.” – Steve Wright

Home. Notice the reflection of the Sun in the ocean.


Home. Notice the reflection of the Sun in the ocean.

Earth is a mostly harmless planet in the Sol system and so far the only planet in the system known to contain life (although the intelligence of said life is still being debated).

It used to be in the center of the Universe, before some smartypants discovered that it wasn’t, and that it only circled the Sun. Hence, once upon a time the Earth was demoted just like poor little ‘ol Pluto.

Earth has one natural satellite, that in a total lack of creativity, is called “the Moon”. In no way is this to be confused by the act of lowering your trousers and flashing other people.

Some people may also talk about a planet called “Dirt” on other BBS’s, Dirt is just a synonym for Earth albeit a much more flattering and much more creative one.

How about our SUN?

The Sun (aka Sol) is a really big and really hot ball of gas – kind of like Rush Limbaugh and Al Franken. Well, it is technically a ball of mostly plasma in the middle of the solar system. (Although Rush likes to think he is the center of all things…) People thought that the sun orbited Earth but some other guys (Copernicus, Johannes Kepler) set them straight and proved that all the planets orbited around it instead.

Do not look directly at the Sun, with or without protective eyewear. That is, unless you are campaigning for a Darwin Award.

Here is “galaxy” defined:

A galaxy is what happens when good, young stars get bored and start hanging out in a gang. Larger galaxies have terrorized their smaller dwarf galaxy neighbors and tend to group together in larger groupings. Galaxies grow by eating each other and spewing out the remains in huge streaks of stars.


In daily life, a vacuum is a device for instilling fear and dread in dogs and cats.

In science, a vacuum is hated by nature. A true vacuum is perfect nothing. Why we’re able to talk about true vacuums if they aren’t actually anything is a good philosophy question to bring up next time you’re at a party.Each entry has a link to Wikipedia at the bottom in case you want more. Shades of Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy) throughout.
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