Senate Iraq debate – a good new TV comedy

Did you watch any of the Senate debate on Iraq over the weekend? I did and I felt like I was watching a new weekly sitcom comedy and a pretty good one at that. “The cameras of history are rolling,” said a Dem senator. The resolution “disapproves” of the President’s policy. Oh my!

You must watch Jon Daily’s reaction to this new comedy show:

The Republicans brought up Davy Crocket and the Alamo. What if Davy did not have the support of congress. Oh my!

Daily Show
Is this all the Democrats could accomplish in their first 100 days? Of course, when you eliminate your only potent weapon against a President that is hell bent on ignoring the U.S. puclic. You need to rattle the impeachment threat. I think Bush does care about that but not about anything else.

A Republican Senator said it best when he said the Democrats should put forward a motion to cut off funding if they really mean business. That senator is right. The Democrats were hollering, blathering and turning red but they do not care enough about this issue to put their heads on the line. Obviously, to me at least, they only care about keeping their fatass, cushy jobs just like the Republicans.

Just more good reasons not to vote for a major party in the next election. Evidently, based on last November’s results, it really does not make any difference. We really have a one-party system that favors the corporate rich.

Find alternative party candidates and back them in both the federal and local levels. That is the only way to make a difference.

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