Peace Train

I get emails daily from my dear best friend who is now ultra conservative. This is a guy who voted for Mayor Washington of Chicago in the 1970’s. I need to remind my friend that Washington was a black man. He seems embarassed now that he voted for him and wants to keep that fact under the rug.

Today my email from my friend contained pictures of Hollywood movie stars of the 1940’s: Jimmy Stewart,

The comment was this: ” With the advent of World War II many of our actors went to fight rather than stand and rant against this country we all love. They gave up their wealth, position and fame to become service personnel, many as simple ‘enlisted men’.” They were “real Hollywood heroes” goes the text. I would be good money that the fellow who started this email thread never ever served his country in the military.

I am getting very tired of the Neocon mantras. They are grasping at straws. After the 2004 election they were all smug and secure. The world was theirs, they thought. They told the liberals to “get over it.” It is with great joy that I can now say to them, “Get over it!”

Now those Neocon folks want us to buy their pitch on the bad, bad people of Iran. Bomb them, they say. Kill them, they say. These folks who are not doing any of the fighting themselves and neither are their own boys and girls who are protected by the wealth, the professions, the hallowed halls of the universities.

I am sure they will shrug their shoulders and mock this extraordinary video called “Peace Train”.

A demonstrator offers a flower to military policemen guarding the Pentagon in 1967.

“Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” – Denis Diderot

Turbo Tagger


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