2 interesting Hillary things

Has anyone else noticed that most politicians are called either by their last name or their full name and you immediately know who they are? Example: Kennedy, OBama, McCann.

So, there is Hillary. Is she like a soccer star? Or is it that the Republicans (and Democrats) do not want her associated in any way with Bill Clinton? Or is it simply derogatory when Republicans say it?

In today’s Chicago Tribune (Feb 9, 2007) Garrison Keillor demonstrates his gift for writing, at least.

One of Clinton’s visible assets is the army of enemies she has accumulated, the carpet-chewers of AM radio and the right-wing trolls who go berserk in their webby caverns whenever madame comes trotting over the bridge. One could not hope for better enemies. It is like playing softball against drunks. They illustrate everything about Republican dominion that the country has come to loathe, the blithering arrogance, the cynicism and corruption, and this wretched war that drags on and on.



This is funny no matter what side you are on:

Turbo Tagger


One response to “2 interesting Hillary things

  1. HILLARY!!! Oh, wait! I mean…NADER!!!

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