Google Alerts – how to use them for your blog or website

by Greg Cryns

Google Alerts can be one of your mostvaluable tools if you are a blogger or a website owner. Once you sign on, youwill receive instant email notification when something happens in your niche oron any topic that interests you. Simply, you get alerts when you subscribe through Google’s News, Blog or Groups programs.

To begin receiving the Google Alerts you just sign up at the Google Alerts home page. If you do not have a Google general account, you will need to set one up there. Then, you tell Google the TYPE of alert you are looking for (News,Blog or Groups). Then you click the “Create Alert” button. Google then starts the ball rolling when new items appear in its system. You can also tell Google how often to send the new results. (daily or “as it happens”).

Pick a topic that reflects yourblog or website. There is almost no limit to topics. More popular topics includenews items, medical and technology advances,  celebrity, entertainment andsports. You could even choose to monitor the activity of your competitors.

Once you get rolling you can tweak your results by asking for topics using different keywords. For example, if you are promoting recipes, you could ask for “pizza recipes” or “saucerecipes”. Try more specific or more general keywords and watch the results.

Try Google’s Advanced Search page to refine your results. If you find the result you are lookingfor there, copy and paste that result into the main search page.

If you find you have too many resultscoming into your email box, just delete a few. It’s easy through the interfaceon the Google site.

You are allowed to make up to 10 GoogleAlerts at a time. But you can log out and come back immediately to enter morealerts. The maximum you can have is 1,000. Trust me, if you have over 100, youhave too many going at once unless you can set up another email account for thatpurpose only.

Another nice feature of Google Alerts isthat you can set your languagepreferences.

Other ways to use Google Alerts: monitoring a developing news story; competitive intelligence; learning about celebrity activity;sporting events.


You can refine your searches to pick upnew and useful information from specific magazines like Time Magazine, for

google source:time

Let’s say you want to know when anotherblog links to your blog:

To track your personal or business name,just put your name in quotes. i.e. “Tom Jones” or “Speedy Typos”

If you are working on a project or sector,use the quotes technique if you want a narrow search.

Be specific
— If you can use many words to describe what you are looking for, try it out.You could improve the relevance of the results. For example, if you want job
descriptions in Chicago, use “Chicago legal jobs” instead of just”jobs” or even “law jobs”.

I own a website about Chihuahua dogs. I am subscribed to Google Alerts to find interesting and often funny stories about that breed. When one pops throught that I like I just copy and paste the link
into my website. I also own a website for “work at home” people. Ilook specifically for “work at home” because I know that is the mostoften used key phrase in my niche. I will often turn up interesting news aboutbusiness start-ups and bankruptcies.

Are you concerned about plagiarism from your website? Copy a short and unique sentence from your story into Google Alerts. If
that sentence is used, it should turn up quickly.

Be creative. For example, try “Uncle Sam”
to find briefs for local and federal government cases.

Experiment. Try putting “Top 10″ or”selling” into an alert. You might be surprised and enlightened by the

Remember, Google covers 5,000 news sources. You
could put the names of your clients and friends into Google Alerts and be notified of an important event for them. This will help you become an unforgettable person in their lives.

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Greg Cryns is the owner of many marketing websites including:

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